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When I was diagnosed with Lupus a year ago, my husband and I started to take a hard look at our lifestyle and food decisions in an attempt to get all of us to a healthier place. We signed up for an organic produce delivery service and started paying closer attention to the ingredient lists on the food we buy. We started being more mindful of what we were putting into our own bodies and our children’s bodies. We talked about buying a cow, or part of one, from a local meat farm. That was a little too expensive and excessive for us, but we still wanted a healthier meat option for our family.
And now, I truly believe we have found it. Have I told you about Wallace Farms yet?

Wallace Farms is family business in every sense of the word. Nick Wallace, owner, lives on the Iowa farm with his family and strives to provide our families with the highest quality meat possible. Nick’s journey to healthier eating started in a manner similar to my own. After being diagnosed with cancer in 1999, Nick and his family began a journey of returning their family farm and their eating habits back to their natural roots. There is something about a personal health wake-up call to give one that needed push towards healthier living. So for the past 7year, the Wallace family has been working to restore the land their great-great grandfather farmed in 1894 back to its fullest potential and create the self-sustaining, natural farm they run today.

Nick’s passion is healthy eating. You can tell by the way he talks about and cares for his cows. He moves them to a fresh pasture everyday, carefully monitors the soil and grass, and makes sure every step of the process is what is healthiest for the cow and the consumer. Following the release of the movie Food, Inc (have you seen it?) and their listing on Eatwild.com (a great healthy-eating resource), Wallace Farms is seeing huge growth. According to Nick, “People know they can’t trust the government or big food corporations or science to regulate the things they eat. That’s why they are coming to us.” And after talking to Nick, I am more convinced than ever that we cannot afford to be careless about the food we feed our children and ourselves.

“If you don’t pay attention to and change what your child eats, there will be consequences. You can either be ignorant to them or own up to the truth and do something about it.” Everything from ADHD, learning disabilities, developmental problems, hormone troubles for young girls, even autism has shown improvement with refining the child’s diet and feeding them more nutrient-dense foods. As important as that is, there are so many other reasons to eat grass-fed beef and other sustainable meat sources. They taste better, are more nutrient-rich, are good for the environment because they are being raised the way God and nature intended. It is just plain healthier for you and for the earth and the cow. But I don’t really need to convince you, right? You just wanna get started….

Wallace Farms has made it easier than ever to eat healthy and know exactly where your meat comes from. The process is so super-simple: You join the buying club on their website. All this means is that you will now get an e-mail from Nick when they are accepting orders for their delivery dates at their three Chicagoland locations: Downtown, Wauconda and their new Naperville warehouse.  Each location has different days per month on which the meat will be delivered and Nick lets you know in advance what those dates will be.  When you get the e-mail, you order whatever meat you want through their online order form. You get a confirmation e-mail and then on the pick up date, you simply drive over there and pay for your meat when you pick it up. Two awesome things to mention: You can get WAY more than just beef from Wallace Farms. They have butter and chicken and turkey and pork all raised on other small farms in Iowa and Minnesota- farms run by friends of the Wallace family who share their same passion and philosophy of sustainable, natural, healthy farming. You can even get the most amazing seafood from Wallace Farms. Nick has partnered with some fisherman from Alaska who catch, freeze, and vacuum-seal the fish and then send the fish directly to Nick to be sold directly to you. You can’t get much fresher than that unless you do the catching yourself.
The other awesome thing: The Naperville location has a la carte items you can buy even if you don’t get your order in on time or forget to add something. Add to your order or just stop-in on the pick-up days and shop directly out of their freezer (although you aren’t guaranteed to get what you want unless you pre-order). Beef, poultry, fish, butter, chocolate (yes, you heard me!). All brought to you in the most sustainable, healthy manner possible so you can do the same for your family.

I could truly go on and on about the merits of the Wallace family and their quest to bring farming back to the proper roots of the land. You really just need to try it for yourself. We had the most delicious grass-fed steaks on the grill the other night. Although, Nick tells me I really should try it in a cast-iron skillet. They are preparing to launch a whole new interactive ordering system where you can see previous orders, etc… They are also working on a series of short 2min recipe videos to show you how to get the most out of your organic meat.
Follow Wallace Farms on Facebook and soon on Twitter and sign up for the Buying Club for e-mail notices and ordering information.  My family is hooked and I know yours will be too.

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  1. RT @chicagonista: Wallace Farms- Sustainable Beef http://t.co/QnE2TUa – Love these guys been using them for years

  2. Dwana says:

    This is so timely and awesome Farrah!

    I too suffered ailments and had to turn my lifestyle around to healthy and as pure as possible. I am so happy for you and your family.

    Be well!

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