Tune In For Fooditude!

Founders Jodi Balis and Elise Jaffe’s great idea is FOODITUDE

Fooditude is a reality-based, multi-media program for “Tweens” (children ages 8—12) that keeps kids and food as its central theme. The program interactively teaches the basics of cooking and nutrition in a fun, relevant and age-appropriate way with guest appearances by food professionals, chefs and recognizable personalities. Fooditude will engage “Tweens” by teaching food related skills and information including: cooking and gardening; encouraging environmental awareness and stewardship; fostering cultural appreciation, social interaction and teamwork; and providing culinary history and food science facts, all of which empower kids to make healthy choices in their own lives.”

Chicagonista was in attendance Thursday October 21st, 6:30–9:30 PM at the Architectural Artifacts, 4325 N Ravenswood for the Second Annual “Taste Of Fooditude”. Highlights included food from local chefs and restaurants, drinks, live music, silent auction, and kids running around with edible treats they made. Yum.

From pumpkin muffins to pizza, attendees were given tastes of Yum Universe, Paddy Pan, Apart Pizza Company, Brown Eyed Sugar Cookies, Galit Bakery, and Bleeding Heart Bakery.

Chicagonista spoke with Jaye Thomas and her parents, Susan and Henry Thomas about the benefits Fooditude has had on their eating healthy habits. Jaye, a 2 year participant on Fooditude, was chosen for her work on “Good Morning Jaguars!” a morning in-house live show at the Frances Xavier Warde Schools. Her mom Susan shares that the impact of these web episodes have fostered “learning” opportunities that have enriched the kids perspectives on “global food trends, science and fresh”, sustainable eating habits.

The highlight of the evening unveiled the latest Fooditude episode featuring contenders vying for a $25 gift certificate for their best pizza recipe. The catch being NO DOUGH! The winner, Charlie Webber’s “Bagel” pizza was chosen for its apple sweetness and delectable morsels in each bite. His pizza will be featured at Apart Pizza locations for the next few weeks with proceeds going directly to Fooditude programming. Stop in and have a taste! Your support will continue these smart, healthy efforts and keep the importance of diet on our minds and in our mouths.


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