Tress in the City

Those tresses are gorgeous and so are you! So where do we get our hair cuts in the city? Where do we go, who cuts who and what can we knock out with one super visit without emptying our pocketbooks can be quite a chore.

Are your luscious locks in need of a trim? Are you on a budget or high-end?

Are you particular? Do you prefer a stylist or barber, or someone to “do” your hair?

The challenge of couture.

Pulling out of our pockets to look good requires in-depth research!

From Devon Avenue to 159th street, Chicago has great “finds” to snip, color, and comb just the way you like.

Local unisex spots, that filter new recruits, nicely tend to their clientèle but often customers prefer a bit more added to their 1 hour retreat or minute or tow getaway. In addition to having ends clipped, styled and coiffed, many seek to have their eyebrows threaded, with their hands and feet done.

My mother is a SUPERCUTS fan. She rushes to her local shop and will often wait an hour or more to be seen by her favorite stylist.

I am a fan myself. I am also fickle and a fan of a good deal, so that has me also being fans of Maxine’s, Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door and Joseph Michael’s Salon and Spa to name a FEW!

Great when taking care of you, or your brood, Chicago has salons to tailor any need, according to Jon-David who is also creatively known on Twitter as @mafiahairdreser. Jon-David who styles at the Joseph Michael Salon 1313 N. Ritchie, Chicago, IL 312-482-9800.

When it is Salon vs. local shops, Jon-David assures that with a more local experience where walk-ins are catered to expect “really good training, economically savy, with good showings and great hair coloring.” Jon-David also points out that “word of mouth gets you the best hair-cut and social media”.

Chicagonista’s are welcome to check out Macy’s Passport presents Glamorama to take place Friday, August 13th at the Chicago Theater at 8:00pm. The After-show is will feature Macy Gray. Information about Glamorama, how to get tickets and The Ronald McDonald House Charities can be found at Macy’s. You can check out Joseph Michael’s Spa Week Media Event “Celebrate Self” on Monday, August 16th. There will be mini-services for hair, skin and nails as well as drinks and hors D’oeuvres.

Joseph Michael’s will be offering $50 spa services during this fall’s Spa Week in Chicago- September 13th through September 19th. Visit after August 1st to see the list of services we will offered. You can contact Allison Vannoy 312-482-9850 for more information.

GO out and be glam Chicagonistas!


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