The Can’t Miss of The 46th Chicago International Film Festival

| September 27, 2010 | 1 Comment

With over 170 films on the list, it is more than difficult to choose which films to see at the 46th Chicago International Film Festival. After all, many people take days off from their everyday life to enjoy film magic from all around the world. Not to worry, if you are busy and don’t have the time, unlike me, to dedicate days and nights of your time to check out each film then you came to the right place. I have been watching films for as long as I can remember and with my careful eye I’ve chose the not to miss films of this year’s Chicago International Film Festival. I paid special attention to the ones that you will most likely not see again so I went ahead and dropped major release American films but did not exclude our beloved Illinois film makers.

Immigration is a topic as hot as ever so why not check out the documentary Tony and Janina’s American Wedding, about a suburban Chicago family torn apart by deportation order. If you want to head away from documentaries but still want to support an Illinois film maker then Go For It is perfect for you. Being featured in four categories, including New Directors Competition, Illinois[e]makers and Cinema of the Americas it is bound to make some noise. A coming-of-age tale about the struggle of choosing one’s future or one’s obligation is sure to keep you thinking even once the film is over.

If you are a fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez then you are going to love the film based on his book with same title: Of Love and Other Demons. A story about a noblewoman in colonial South America believed to be possessed by the Devil and falls in love with the young priest sent to oversee her exorcism.

Golden Slumber will get you heart racing with its main character trying to figure out why he has been framed for the Prime Minister’s assassination in the longest 24 hours of his life. Already a big hit in Japan this film is sure to give you a glimpse of the action-thriller genre of the East.

Keep up with the thriller genre and go see Blame. A film about youngsters trying to take revenge on a man they believe caused their friend’s death but not realizing that they cannot afford any simple mistakes or doubts.

Finally for a light-hearted comedy be sure to go see Tamara Drewe. A once ugly duckling, Tamara is back to her hometown to stir up infatuations, jealousies and love affairs.

Check these titles out, go see them and experience the Chicago International Film Festival and let us know which ones you absolutely loved!

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  1. Sami Ari says:

    I love the Film Fest! Glad you’ll be enjoying films with me!

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