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By Kristen Holub

Since Winter seems like an endless season at this point, I have started to tire of our usual haunts, and staying home all day is getting old as well.  We needed a new place to burn off some energy that was relatively close, not too expensive, and of course tons of fun. When I walked into Kid City , I knew I’d found the next “we’ve got to get out of the house” spot!

Kid City is located on Grand Ave between Damen and Ashland and is open Tuesday – Friday from 9:30 – 6:00. Those are great hours considering you can just drop in after breakfast, over lunchtime, or after naps…or if your kid decides not to nap! When you enter, you take off your shoes and leave them with your belongings in a cubbyhole and then enter through a gate into the City.

There are a bunch of great play stations for kids to enjoy, such as a grocery store, a post office, two big train tables, a movie theater/reading area, a big playhouse and a room that serves as a dress-up boutique and cafe for boys as well as girls. They have so many toys at each station, there is usually no competition, but if your child decides he wants what another kid has, just look at it as another perfect opportunity to practice sharing and taking turns.  My son can always use more practice in that department! And as an aside for those parents of big Thomas fans, there are TONS of different Thomas & Friend’s engines at the train tables, which my son always finds thrilling.

There is also a drawing and art area, a big slide and a bunch of little cars to ride in or push. It really is like a mini city for children to explore.  This is one of the only places (other than the parks, which are out of the question for a while) that I can actually finish a cup of coffee while my little one runs and plays without a care in the world as to my whereabouts. I have even had full conversations with other moms at Kid City! It’s also nice to know that all of this exploration and role play is good for the children’s growth and development.

If you are still around at snack-time or  lunchtime,  there is a cute little kitchen where you can eat a lunch from home, and the last time we visited, one group of moms even had a pizza delivered! There is always complimentary coffee available for the adults, and you know how some days that just hits the spot. So, pop in, grab some java, and watch your kid go to town (or to City!).

If you visit and your child likes it as much as mine (and asks regularly to return!), you might want to consider having your next party there. Kid City has a ton of different party options so there’s sure to be one that is perfect for your needs.

So the next time you are feeling stir crazy or your kids are climbing the walls, head over to Kid City and let them have a ball!

1837 W Grand

Tuesday thru Friday 9:30am to 6:00pm
Weekends: Special Events by Appointment Only

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