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In this quest to be smart and healthy in how I feed my family, I am always on the look out for places that help me on this path. And while I always want to serve the best to my family, I don’t always feel like cooking that food in my own kitchen. That is when it is super nice to have someone else who is cooking the healthy, organic food that should fill my boys’ tummies.

Honey is an amazing restaurant in downtown Glen Ellyn, in the western suburbs. They call themselves a “modern comfort cafe” and that pretty much says it all. Except I might add “yummy,” and “delicious” and “soul-satisfying” to the list of descriptors.  It is comfort food in the true sense that it is warm and flavor-ful.  But beyond that, it is comfort food because I know that what my family and I are eating is good for us and good for the earth.  Their produce is all organic, their meat is free range/grass-fed and often local.  Even the wine and beer and coffee are organic.  They bake most of their own bread and sweets every morning and make all their own sauces and salad dressings from scratch.

While these things are great and certainly key, I think the thing I like most about Honey is the atmosphere.  It is laid back and friendly.  It is the type of neighborhood place where people could sit with a cup of free-trade coffee and chat about the local happenings.  I don’t know if people actually do that, but you could.  It is comfortable that way.  It brings healthy, organic food down to an approachable level and makes it available for everyone.  The prices are pretty reasonable for what you are getting.  They cost more than a breakfast at your run-of-the-mill pancake house, but you are getting so much more for your money. When your options include Filet Mignon Benedict and Triple Chocolate French Toast, you know you have found a gem.  For lunch and dinner, they have everything from yummy meatloaf  and pot pie (see, comfort food!) to sandwiches to just about everything in between.  They even have something called “Truffle Mac-N-Cheese” made with white truffle oil.  Modern comfort cafe, indeed!

There is a “Little Honey’s” menu for the kiddos with organic chicken nuggets or mac-n-cheese or organic PBJ.  Even if you don’t come for a meal, you gotta come for the dessert.  For dessert, try the “cupcake of the day.”  You can’t go wrong with that.

Honey offers delicious food that you know is good for your body.  Sitting there eating yummy food in a laid back neighborhood cafe…  comfortable!

499 N. Main St.
Glen Ellyn, IL
Mon-Sat 9a-9p
Sun 9a-3p

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