Summer Fun For Chicago Kids

Yes, it is actually past time for registering the kids for structured, summer fun!

Thankfully, there are still many options in Chicagoland that are safe and affordable.

The Chicago Park District offers so many fun and exciting opportunities that perusing their site is a must. Online registration began Monday April 4th. The wonderful 7600 acres of parkland is not only beautiful, but each community offers programming specific to our children’s needs. Sports, Environmental, Cooking, Gardening … there is even a DOLL CAMP.

Have an older child? The University of Chicago offers Basic programming, arts and sciences, a Writer’s Studio, or Business/Professional courses. The Graham School of U of C has an impressive catalog to transition students who yearn to acquaint with higher learning. Deadlines all seem to be around April 15th and June 1st.

And finally, those familiar with Hi-Five Sports Camps will be happy to know that Gary and his team are still running strong.

There is also Barb Lazarus and Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls. According to their website, Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls is specifically designed for girls pre-school through grade 10. Programming is aimed at building a healthy appreciation for “sports and fitness”. That is exciting! Hurry, the spots are going fast!

Yes, before we know it the sun will be baking us with its wonderful rays, and school will be out, so get in gear Chicagonistas and make sure those kids have a super summer!


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