Sophisticated Spin on Popsicles

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When you hear the word “popsicle” do you think of the syrupy grape, orange, or cherry flavored pops of your youth?  If you want to cool down with something different, try a sophisticated twist on this summertime classic – tea and coffee ice pops you can easily make at home!


At the top is an ice pop made from lemonade mixed with local purveyor Argo Tea’s Fruit Sangria tea.  At right, layers of coffee and vanilla tea (both layers sweetened with simple syrup), and at the bottom, mint tea, also flavored with simple syrup.  Without the sugar, you’ll essentially have a pop of solid ice (ouch!), so add just a little simple syrup even if you normally don’t take sugar in your hot beverages.

Step One: Brew the beverage, and let it cool completely.  Add simple syrup to taste.


Step Two: Pour into a container.  Popsicle molds are fine, but since I didn’t have any on hand, I used two Dixie cups per pop.  If you use Dixie cups, cover them with tin foil, cut a small hole at the top, and insert popsicle sticks or other stick (I used chopsticks…can you tell I’m a big fan of using of what you already have on hand?).  The tin foil will keep your stick upright.  Don’t just poke the stick through a solid piece of foil, or the foil will tear beyond the desired size of the hole.


Step Three: Freeze overnight, or until frozen.  If you want to get creative, you can make layers of complimentary flavors (fruit tea and juice, for instance).  Let one layer freeze thoroughly before adding the next layer.  Be sure the beverage going in the new layer is chilled, so it doesn’t melt the pre-existing layer.

Step Four: Unmold the pops.  If you’re using Dixie cups, cut a small incision in the rim of the cup and tear carefully.  If some paper residue sticks to the pop, run it under very cold water and rub at the paper.


Step Five: Dip in flavored sugar.  I dipped the fruit sangria in a raspberry cocktail sugar (available at most liquor stores), and the coffee pop in cocoa for a tasty mocha treat.  Experiment and create your own favorite exotic ice pop!


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