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We’re almost there…It took a month before ballots were counted and Bill Brady was declared the winner on the Republican side of the gubernatorial ballot. Now for the Democrats to chose a candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Did you know that they are accepting applications for this position? Yes, they are!

Of course we have no idea if they will actually select a candidate from the pile of applications or not. Browsing through the list of applicants we can see a good number of women threw their hats into this race. Far more today than just over ten days ago when I first peeked. We find the daughter of a favorite Senator, my former State Senator and one of my friends. I haven’t talked to Megan in far too long, so it was a fab surprise to see her name on that list. Have you thought of filling out the short application yourself? Why not?

First, don’t believe that to get the job you need to be Madame Curie with a couple of Nobel Prizes tucked in your bag. Just take a peek at how the GOP Lt. Gov. candidate Jason Plummer did on Chicago Tonight last month. I don’t point to this to shame the poor guy, but rather as evidence that anyone can run. But you do need training, media and political training.

And wouldn’t you know it…The White House Project is finally coming to Illinois! I attended a training a few years ago in Milwaukee. Unfortunately I didn’t complete the whole weekend due to an impending blizzard and I was car-pooling with a former co-worker. What’s the White House Project you ask? It’s a nonprofit, nonpartisan group that is working to increase the number of women running for office from the most local of offices all the way up to the White House, thus the name. They are nonpartisan, so right leaning, left leaning, moderate sitting (do moderates lean?) women sign on up!

While I’m not going to be running for office anytime soon, I did appreciate the training in terms of how I look at political candidates. I  worked one campaign years ago, when my husband ran and won a seat on our local school council. This was pre-kid so he was a community member. Don’t laugh. We designed hand bills, shook hands and even made homemade signs for election day. It was a blast. And hey, that election cycle is coming up!! Who says we only have winter and construction season in Chicago? BAH! We have election season too and it also seems to last like winter…FOREVER!

As much as us Chicagoans still talk about “The Machine” and how that sucks the joy out of politics around here, I do suggest that the women out there at least consider the White House training. The information you gain is invaluable as a citizen, much less a candidate. Perhaps you will meet a politician and become inspired to run against her!

The reason I write so much about women getting involved in politics is that women often do bring a different voice and view to how policies are crafted. How would your life story impact how health care is doled out in this country? How would your child’s needs impact how Chicago Public Schools are run? As the old saying goes, “The personal is political” and what’s more personal than garbage pick-up, pensions and who is teaching our children?

So get to it! Go! Run!

Are you running for a LSC? Let us know in the comments and why you are running.

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  1. Kenni Smith says:

    Maybe Sarah Palin should apply. You can’t see Chicago from Alaska, but you can fly there.

    Kenni Smith
    Developmental Studies Center

  2. Kenni Smith says:

    P.S. I LOVE the White House Project. Lucky you. (I assume you’re going.) When you go, talk to somebody about getting them on twitter!

    Kenni Smith
    Developmental Studies Center

  3. Veronica says:

    I’m not going…I have another training to attend on the 7th. I’m bummed!

    And they are @twhp on Twitter. 🙂

    Thanks for the comment.

  4. Leah says:

    I’m not in the running for Lt. Gov, but my sister is. Most recently she was an assistant attorney general doing child support enforcement in NINE counties downstate, but she’s worked in every branch of Illinois government and she’s only 32. (We’re twins).

    here’s her facebook page.

    One of the reasons she ran is that when she helped recruit candidates, she noticed that women had to be cajoled into running. She decided to go for it.

  5. Kenni Smith says:

    Thanks for the twittertip. I have a question, if you’ll forgive me for pursuing this tangential but somewhat related topic… What do you think of TWHP aligning itself with the Barbie brand and praising the “I Can Be President” Barbie? This isn’t a rhetorical question–I seriously don’t know how to feel about it.

    Kenni Smith
    Developmental Studies Center

  6. Veronica says:

    Thanks Leah! good luck to your sister.

    And Kenni — Ah, the barbie question. I’m always torn. If a girl has to play with a barbie, at least make it a Presidential Barbie. Aspire to the top!

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