ReVamp Your Sexuality with Tantra Nova

By: Stacey Weckstein of Mom Renewal

Elsbeth Meuth, co-founder and co-director of the TantraNova Institute in Chicago, hosted a powerful introduction to lasting intimacy workshop for local moms. In a world where moms put their children first and often their own needs last, these moms took time out of their busy lives to discover new ways to revamp their love lives.

During the two hour workshop, all the moms practiced conscious breathing techniques, experienced a guided chakra meditation, participated in hands-on energy awareness exercises, and discussed the powerful secrets of lasting love, intimacy, and fulfillment. We learned how powerful breathing is for connecting with our inner selves and for connecting with our partners.

Using an energy ball, which demonstrated closed and open circuits, we were able to visually see the energetic connections all humans have with each other. We were also introduced to the Yoni egg, which strengthens pelvic floor muscles, increases sensuous and sexual energy, and develops stronger orgasms.

The evening ended with a delightful musical performance by artist Freddy Zental Weaver, the other co-founder and co-director of the TantraNova Institute. His drumming, music, and lyrics expressed the natural beauty of intimacy and love.

The ReVamp Project Moms left Elsbeth and Freddy’s warm and inviting studio with a new found love for meditation, a stronger sense of their feminine energy, and innovative ideas for creating intimate connections with their partners.

Are you ready to explore the power of your divine feminine energy? The TantraNova Institute offers unique workshops for women that will allow you to explore your internal feminine energy and your external feminine expression in the world. Workshops for women include meditation, conscious breathing, energy awareness, communication, listening exercises, and healing practices.

To learn more about TantraNova workshops and programs go to:

ReVamp Project

Our To-Do-Lists should always include ourselves, and we're taking our first steps in helping you do just that! This 2010, we're launching our very first project that will help "Moms" rev-up their old selves, and amp it up even more. ReVamp Project are events and programs focusing on getting your fab back! A collaboration between and

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