Resurrecting Joyous Activity

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As you start to read the words of this article, just pause for a moment and pat yourself on the back. Congratulate yourself for getting to this point in your life journey and for being you – as is, in this present moment. You are quite an extraordinary individual. No one else in this entire universe could be you because you are infinitely unique. Congratulations on being one in infinity!

Since we are all unique in our own ways, why not celebrate those ways to their fullest? There are parts of you that only you can express and only in the way you can express them. Sometimes life gets in the way of our ability to be who we are. Expectations from family, friends, jobs, communities, even our own fears can put the things we love to do on hold for extended periods of time, sometimes years. Yet because we find joy in expressing the unique parts of ourselves, that joy can be accessed any time, after any period of hibernation, no matter how many years it has been, because these joyous activities are a part of who we are.

For example, I am a creative individual. I spent my growing years performing music, dance and theatre. Yet when I graduated from college with a music degree, I lost my ability to perform. And it wasn’t because someone told me I couldn’t perform, or that I was incapable of performing, or that I had no talent for the performing arts. It was simply that I stopped putting forth the effort of finding new opportunities to share my unique talent. I allowed “real life” to get in the way. There were bills to pay, job tasks to accomplish, things to acquire. I allowed all of this to take over and my joy for performing was covered up. Over the past fifteen years, I’ve allowed myself to believe that this was a good thing. That allowing my natural, inherent artistic ability to stay hidden deep inside of me was okay. I was afraid that the sacrifices I would have to make to get to a state of performing again were too big and that I had been away from the stage for too long. The obstacles I put in my path (all mental and of my own doing) were huge to me and too overwhelming. And then, a couple of months ago, completely out of nowhere, an opportunity for me to be involved in a dance performance presented itself. The instant I learned about this opportunity I felt a deep and intense joy rising from inside of me. I was literally jumping up and down I was so excited! And this made me realize, all those blocks I had put in my own way were useless in the presence of this joy. The power of the emotion I felt melted the fear I had held onto for so long and I could finally see a way to allow my creative talents to rise up once again and be expressed. I figured the path might not be easy, but now I am more than willing to allow this part of me to shine. And this time, it doesn’t matter to me if I succeed or fail, the point is that I am involved in doing something I love and I am allowing myself to be me. This is where the foundation of the joy I feel lies. And every life experience I have had up to this point enriches my resurrected joyous activity.

Now that you have taken the time to congratulate yourself on being you, what parts of yourself are you not allowing to shine? What is a simple, small step that you could take today to bring that part of yourself out? Release the investment in the end result. Taking that simple step could involve a multitude of choices, yet just allow yourself to be present in the moment and experience the joy again. What will put the spring in your step?

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