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My husband and I were talking the other day about how our sons are growing up in a whole different world than we did.  They will never see a phone actually connected to the wall, or have to read an actual map, or try to find a pay phone when they need to make a call on the go.  With such a technologically advanced childhood, it is nice to take a step back in time every now and then and enjoy some of life’s simple joys.  One such place our family goes when we need some tech-free goodness is The Little Popcorn Shop in Downtown Wheaton.

Located in a tiny little space between stores on the Front St. in Wheaton, the Popcorn Shop is a sweet little throw-back to candy stores way back in the day.  Their space is just about as wide as your arm span, so it is not a store for the overly clausterphobic. Especially since it is almost always packed with people.  But it is SO worth it when you finally get to taste their delicious, hand-churned popcorn.   Whether plain or salted or with a bit of butter, you can’t go wrong with their old-fashioned style popcorn.

And if popcorn isn’t really your thing, then maybe you’ll find something you like on their wall of candy.  Yes, you heard right.  Their WALL of candy.  Classics mixed with new stuff.  Sugary nostalgia at its best.  Up until just a few years ago, they still had penny candy!  Today, a lot of their candy is still  5 or 10cents so you can get your fill of candy for less than a dollar.  I love that I can go in there and get the treats that I remember having as a child.  Blow-Pops, Fun-Dip, Paper Dots, Pixy Stix, Bit-O-Honey, candy cigarettes, sour gummies, …  You name it, it is probably there.

The Popcorn Shop is a Wheaton staple.  It has been a must-stop in Wheaton’s Downtown for decades.  I love taking my older son in there.  He asks the shop keepeer for his popcorn and pays his dollar, all with a perfect little anticipatory grin.  His joy at getting simple popcorn brings that same perfect grin to my face.  He is still a bit young for the wall of candy.  But I do let him fill a little white bag with a few chocolate kisses or lifesavers or other more toddler-friendly sweets (he’s only 3).  I just love that we are making this very simple joy a part of his technologically advanced childhood.  And mom gets her candy fix too. Simply perfect!

The Little Popcorn Shop
111 1/4 Front St.
(630) 690-7712

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