Organizing Daughters Closets

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For the month of April and May, Chicago’s Professional Organizer Erin Kelly of Arranged by Erin will be accepting some organizing questions to help your spring cleaning quest.

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This week’s Question: What is the best way to organize my girls closet? They both wear different sizes, and I get lost when looking in their closet trying to grab some hung clothes.

We must get this one solved. We don’t want your princess’ to leave the house looking anything less then their best or in the wrong size of clothing. The explosion of pink is enough to set off any mom.

First of all, it depends on what type of closet you have. If its a walk in…simple..give each child their own side of the closet and categorize their clothes. Also make sure that they have a shoe rack.

If you are one of the unfortunate people ( like me)  that has a “Chicago Closet”, then we have a little more of a challenge. I remember the first day I moved to Chicago ….I cried tears for my new slide the door excuse for a closet. Leaving Dallas and a 5 closet apartment has definitely left a scare on this fashionista.

So …what should you do??? Split the closet in half. If its a one hit wonder(straight closet with one bar) put a sweater bag or two in the middle. Sweater bags are wonderful for small children’s clothes such as t shirts, sweaters…ect. Give each child one side of the closet and hang clothes in categories by style and color. If you have the one lovely shelf above..use plastic stacking shelves to create more space.  A lot of people don’t use the height of their closet.  Also, if you are having trouble seeing the clothes through those horrid doors, set them free. A tension rod and a nice pair of sheers make great closet doors and allow you so much more visibility. I love to look at my pretty stuff.

To avoid the maniac morning matching, set out their clothes the night before.  This tip comes straight from the organizing diva’s own mom. A tip that I still follow as an adult.

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