Ask The Organizer Spring Series: Organizing Children’s Artwork

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For the month of April and May, Chicago’s Professional Organizer Erin Kelly of Arranged by Erin will be accepting some organizing questions to help your spring cleaning quest. And this week she is tackling on how to organize children’s artworks asked by one of our readers.

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Question:  I collect alot of my children’s artwork, but I don’t know how else to organize them without it looking like a big mess. What do I do?

Throughout the years I have noticed an increased focus on art in the school system .I think its great that kids are being encouraged to show their creativity.

Here are the best solutions that I have found for organizing our future Picasso’s work.

*** Under the bed bins…They can be purchased at any retail store. They are large enough to fit the large art as well as the normal 8×11 sheets of paper. Use one bin for each child. Place the date on the back of the art.

***Bankers Boxes…This isn’t my favorite solution but it works. These can be purchases at any office supply store. You can fit alot of artwork in them, but they take up alot of space.

I have also helped clients create “art centers” for their kids. This can be done very easy and takes up little space. Chalkboard paint is an inexpensive way to allow your child to create. You can paint a whole wall or even a small area. Corkboard is another wonderful solution. You can cork part of a wall to allow your child to display their current artwork.

Happy Organizing!

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