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By Jennifer K

When Lori Holton Nash, best known as Miss Lori, walks in a room her magnetic smile touches people, lifts them and they start grinning back. I watched it happen when she arrived at Joy Yee in Chinatown for our interview. Patrons, servers, passers by, young and old- they all started smiling.

Ever since she was little child, Miss Lori used her charismatic talent to inspire people and express herself. She credits her strong sense of confidence and determination to both her parents and a special teacher who thought outside the box by encouraging his gifted students to teach themselves. Inspired by this radically different style, Miss Lori has embedded this principle into everything she does from performing, teaching, and writing to mentoring.

With so many irons in the fire one would expect that Miss Lori would be stressed, but she is calm and steady. Like a woman with a mission Miss Lori is focused, poised and determined when she talks about all of the projects she manages simultaneously. Her most important motivation is obvious when you speak with her. Brimming with pride and passion, Miss Lori remains hands on as a mom for her family consisting of her husband and three children despite her packed schedule juggling television, live performances, CDs, theater, DVD production, spokesperson responsibilities and her Miss Lori’s CAMPUS classes.

I am amazed to see how one woman can juggle so much successfully and still have so much left to give to others. Although her anecdote is old school, in our society it is revolutionary: no one has to do it all alone. She encourages us to seek out support systems to keep families moving in the most healthy direction. All of her performances speak to this message of health, community and happiness. It’s absolutely contagious.

Trust me, I speak from my own experience. From the first moment we arrived at Miss Lori’s CAMPUS Music & Movement Class at Menomonee Club last year I could feel the difference. The music made my sons and I jump up off the floor and start dancing and running. Celebrating actually. Afterward I felt satisfied like I used to after a good run back in the day. The kids and I were more connected too after sharing this special time playing together. So much so that we had to get Miss Lori’s CD, recently honored with an iParenting Media Award, we could continue singing long after we left class.

If you have already seen Miss Lori as the host of The PBS Kids Preschool Destination, you are familiar with at least one aspect of her multifaceted career. Now she has made her new DVD entitled “Activate & Be Great!” (see a video excerpt below)available so you can attend a class or catch a performance without ever leaving home. Leave it to this entertainer-meets-educator to give parents another reason to let our smile shine on!

An Original Chicagonista “Someone you should know in Chicago” Interview.


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