Meeting the #Runnerds!

| July 24, 2010 | 0 Comments

Last week I was talking to fellow Chicagonista author Chanthana and how that I was excited about being added to a runners list on Twitter even though I am not one…just have a lot of friends who are and sometimes, luckily, I get mixed in with them.

This week I got to enjoy a #Runnerds tweetup. Of course I did not run, that would be expecting too much from me. What I did was wait for fellow running tweeps at Duke’s Bar and Grill until they were done with their evening run. I thought it would be intimidating, being around so many runners. What would they even talk about? Running? When to run? How to run? What “goo” to eat while running? Yes, they did talk about that but I had such a great time listening to them and being educated about the world of the Runnerds. Of course we also talked about other things…

It was truly a fantastic time. There were familiar faces. @Krzimmer, @HeathBar6 @Princess_Sean @MailOrderAndie (the other non runnerds besides me at the tweetup) were fantastic tweeps that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting before; however, I also got to meet new #Runnerds @LLANEZA9_RUNS @Shannanegans13 @mochaB128. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll start running. Until then, I hope that I keep being added on runners list.

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