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As the weather turns colder, mothers all across Chicagoland are now on the hunt for ways to keep busy and active this coming winter.  If you are one of those moms and would like to add a music class to your list of potential activities, I have the perfect suggestion:  Music Together.

Music Together is a national music program for kids that is internationally recognized as one of the best programs available.  It is one of the few programs out there that is research based and developmentally geared towards children from infancy to age 5.  The Music Together teachers start with the premise that all children are musical and have the ability to sing in key and move with rhythm.  They also firmly believe that children learn best in a non-performance based environment where they are able to model themselves after their parent/caregiver’s musical participation (even if you can’t sing).  Our teacher, Miss Christy, is always telling us that our children love to hear our voice the most no matter what it sounds like.

Beyond all that though, the classes are just fabulous!  They are interactive and fun and my boys can’t wait for music each week.  We sing and dance and play instruments and games.  But what sets Music Together apart from your average park-district music class, is that they are very intentional in the songs they chose.  They are developing musical ability in the kids using the tools that research has found to be most successful yet in a fun and entertaining way.  We sing a song, but then we practice matching pitch and tone and repeating sequences of notes.  You would be surprised how quickly the kids catch on.  My boys (ages 3 and 1) sit in the back seat of the car and repeat back these tone exercises they hear on the CD and in class, all the while unaware that they are developing a love and an aptitude for music.  I am convinced that starting my older son in these music classes at the age of 8months has significantly contributed to his advanced verbal skills.

There are lots of Music Together classes offered all throughout the city and the suburbs.  The fall session is nearly through, but most teachers offer a December sing-along class (which is a little less educational but super-fun!!) and then the new session will start in January.   Each session highlights a new instrument and brings a whole new set of fun and catchy songs.  Right now we are in the “Fiddle Collection” which has been so great.  We listen non-stop and I am not even sick of them yet.  I don’t know what the instrument will be for winter yet but we are excited to find out!!  Check out the website for a Music Together class near you and check out a free-demonstration class.  You will be hooked!  Fun and music and learning all rolled into one-  a great way to beat the winter blues!!

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