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Blackberry Bliss CakeBy Molly Katholi

Before I had children, the weekend was for sleeping in late and waiting in line for Sunday brunch.  Now that I am a Mom, sleeping in at our house is anything past 7:30.  But, one advantage of that early wake-up call is not having to wait in line for delicious breakfast offerings.  By far my favorite Andersonville brunch spot is M.Henry.  And, since its popularity means a line as early as 9:00, I am thrilled with my kids’ desire to get up with the sun!

M.Henry’s food is pure decadence.  The first time we dined there I had blackberry bliss cakes.  The bliss cakes are two delicious hotcakes layered with warm blackberries and vanilla mascarpone cream.  On top is brown sugar and oat crust.  Their bliss cakes are not only Divine, but generous enough to share with both my children.  Recently we went back to M.Henry and I had the blisscakes again, but this time with mango and sour cherries.  Say it with me…bliss.

The dining here with children is delightful.  They have a separate children’s menu, a seemingly endless supply of high chairs, and they provide each child a small bowl of bananas, strawberries, and craisins as busy food while you wait to for your order.  Even though the food from presentation to taste is elegant and sophisticated my whole family was relaxed and felt welcome.

I am happy that this amazing restaurant is just a stones throw from our apartment.  The next time your kids get you up at the crack of dawn, take advantage and head up to 5707 North Clark for brunch at M.Henry – it’s chow for now!

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Photo Title: Blackberry Bliss Cakes
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Molly Katholi is a lawyer and pregnant mama to two children (almost three at any day now) who lives in the bustling Andersonville neighborhood. With what is left of her spare time, she manages to scour and jot down her fabulous Chicago finds.

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