Lessons from Wonderland

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This past weekend I was one of the millions of moviegoers across the country to experience the 3-D version of the movie Alice in Wonderland. Being a big fan of Johnny Depp and director, Tim Burton, I had been waiting to see the movie for over a year. I am happy to report that in my opinion, the film lived up to every one of my expectations and delivered a fantastical fantasy world of wonder. And unexpectedly, I also came away from my movie-going experience with some tasty food for thought.

Without revealing too much about the plot of the film, Lewis Carroll’s books Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass are both well-represented in the film. Many of us are aware of the basic story of how Alice chases a white rabbit through the garden, falls down a rabbit hole and finds herself in a mysterious land of wonder. She meets many interesting characters in Wonderland and has a few big adventures too. And throughout the film she understands that what she is experiencing in Wonderland is much like a dream, although it feels very real.

What I love about these books and the film are the underlying themes of discovery, adventure, impossibilities becoming possibilities, and the ability to make choices that determine the outcome of our experiences. Alice is a girl who is faced with many choices throughout her journey in Wonderland. Each time she is faced with a decision, she tells herself, “This is only a dream. I choose to do what I want and I cannot be hurt.” And when she makes her choice, she tests the limits of what is deemed “impossible” to find that it becomes possible and she is triumphant. As Alice’s awareness of her ability to choose her outcomes becomes stronger, she is able to apply the same principle to her experience in her “real” world. She makes choices based on her needs and desires, instead of making choices to please others or to play a role of someone she is not. Ultimately, Alice uses her power of choice to create her own authentic life experience.

Leaving the movie theatre, I was impressed by the film’s recognition of the importance of finding our own way, making our own choices, and standing up for what we believe is right for our lives. What a wonderful lesson to bring into our daily experiences in the “real” world! We all have the ability to choose what we experience. We all have the power to create new rules for ourselves that align with our highest ideals. And we all have the creativity within us to use our imaginations to set us free.

Falling down a rabbit hole to realize our true potential may just be the trip we need to create the life of our dreams. Allow yourself some time in Wonderland to dream and experience the impossible. You never know, making friends with a white rabbit, a mad hatter and a blue caterpillar may lead you to experience the greatest adventure of your life!

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