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| April 11, 2010 | 9 Comments

They say that during the night when everyone goes to sleep a different breed of people come out. Well, after 11 PM a different breed of tweeps come out. We are the ones that are awake late, the night-owls who soak up the fun during the night . Well it just so happens that it’s @tamcdonald‘s birthday and he so graciously decides to have a #latenightcrowd tweetup  to celebrate it. It was great fun. We have been tweeting for a while during the wee hours of the night and finally got to meet F2F (Face to Face). It seemed like everyone was there… @VeronicaLudwig who is one of the most fantastic, fabulous, intelligent ladies I have met, @tamcdonald who I have been so excited to meet and everyone else, from the ever so lovely @FeliciaCago and @Hooshy and @DanBlystone to @Wangle and @Paulsaini who I met that night. Here are few photos from the night. The entire selection can be seen at my photosteam! Did I mention there were bubbles?


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Sami Ari is a lover of everything Chicago, from the Chicago Shakespeare Theater to the Magnificent Mile to the Promontory Point in Hyde Park. Addicted to tweetups and meeting new people as well as seeing films and writing all about it on and tweeting at @samiari Always a learning sponge absorbing everything about Tech, Social Media, Marketing and PR.

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  1. duongsheahan says:

    love “Social Sami” Have fun!

  2. FeliciaCago says:

    We are a strange breed. Next time, you’re staying for the after-after party.

    • Sami says:

      Oh man, don’t think I can change my sleeping habits that much. I could barely stay awake that long. Who knows, maybe with more coffee…

  3. Amy says:

    so bummed I missed it!! @amyzagroba

  4. Chanthana says:

    I thought this was just an urban legend!

  5. Dan says:

    Was a fun night indeed. F2F sounds better than IRL. Look forward to the next episode!

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