Keeping Your Resolutions With A Life Coach

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By Jen K

Lately I have been intrigued with the concept of a life coach. Every time I am reading my beloved Conscious Choice I stumble upon several enticing articles and advertisements to maximize my potential and, of course, I am game. However, being the skeptic that I am I need to research this so I asked my friend Marlena Gray, owner of Authentic Consequence, to sit down with me over dinner at Quartino to give me the low down on life coaching.

Who needs one? Putting it in the most basic way, anyone who is unable to manifest their desires could use the help of a life coach. Now this may sound pretty lascivious if your mind is in the gutter! Really – what is it that we desire… love? a better job? confidence? money? achievement? balance? Like many people across the planet, you might have created a New Years resolution to change in some way. Have you stuck to it? For those of you who have not, Marlena explains, a life coach could help get you back on track by introducing new perspectives and tools to realize your hidden potential and take action.

How does it work? A life coach’s primary role is to assist you in attaining your goals – whatever they may be. Your life coach listens to what you are looking to achieve and then offers tools to identify limiting beliefs that sabotage your growth. Good coaching provides action items and options with regards to your present and your future without giving direct advice. Like a well informed sounding board, life coaches provide what your friends and family cannot – an unbiased perspective and a reflective view of your authentic self. As you work together, your life coach tunes into your habits and helps identify and uncover your hidden strengths, passions and deep rooted desires.  Life coaches are not counselors or traditional therapists, instead their job is to get you on track and keep you in action without reciprocity. This is all a one-way street focused on you. And therein lies the magic. Be selfish. Put it out there. Let your wackiest ideas out into the open and see where they take you. All too often we stifle our creative genius because we think we haven’t got all the pieces of the puzzle figured out. Let it rip and see where it goes. It’s your life – choose to live it!

Where does it happen? Get this – your life coach can be anywhere! I found this amazing but Marlena explained that your life coaching experience really depends on the conversations you have with your coach be it in person or on the phone. How easy is that! Could you imagine if your appointments were all this simple?

What type of results could you expect? Once you connect with a life coach you can talk with openly, expect to be systematically reaching the goals you create together. Being present in the process and accountable for your growth are the keys to your ultimate success.  I imagine it is like having an interactive to do list that does way more by reflecting what you want, creating a pathway to obtaining your objectives and then actually encouraging you into action.

Why be a life coach? Naturally I had to ask. After the positive impact she experienced with her own life coach, Marlena wants to share with others her enthusiasm about all the new tools she is learning to apply to her own life.  Always willing to listen and provide reflective feedback, Marlena has a long standing talent for being a “fix it gal”. And fix it she does. She is like your best confidante that speaks authentically and gets you energized to take the next steps. You savor those moments when you throw an idea out there because you know it will spark your creativity and motivate you to action, making the next steps clear and powerful.

Trust me, every parent who juggles as much as we do and strives to be so much more needs a life coach like this.


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