Just imagine the General Assembly is your kid puking

Come on parents, admit it. Before you had a child, the mere thought of having to deal with puke made you throw up a little in your mouth. But once that kid tells you, “Mom…Dad….” and BAM! There’s puke in your back seat, on the side of the toilet or even on the giant stuffed Poohbear you both adore. *sigh* But most parents I know suck it up. We look at the puke, we pick up the puke. We go from holding our BFFs hair in a club to holding back the hair of our girl. Most of the people I’ve talked to over the past year, heck the past 24 hours, have said that they are just DONE with politics, DONE with the Illinois General Assembly and DONE with campaigns. In other words, the thought of all the pending budget cuts is making an entire state puke.

But I beg you, suck it up.

Why? Because just like our kid’s puke, we are going to need to pick up this mess.

We dodged the four-day school week, but we’re starting down the barrel of increased property taxes, continuing debate about free rides for seniors, and vouchers for private schools. There’s also talk of classroom sizes going up to 35-40 students, shutting down vital community health services and a world of other things we truly rely on the state to provide.

What’s a citizen to do?

Some say we need a tax increase, others are skeptical that those in office can be trusted with additional funding. Some parents have started a petition site to say no to classroom sizes of 37. We have candidates breaking with the two parties in an attempt to be independent and connect with fed up voters (No, I’m not linking to the other one).

OK, now I feel like puking.

But seriously, I know that politics is not an easy thing to follow or even care about. I agree that most days voicing our opinion feels like a lost cause. But we have to keep doing it.

No matter where you fall on the issues, get in touch with your state representative and senator. Let them know if you want seniors to ride for free, if services for the developmentally disabled should be first or last to be cut. Just let them know. And yes, feel free to hold your nose. I know that helps.


Veronica I. Arreola is a professional feminist, a mom and a writer. She blogs about the intersection of feminism and motherhood at VivalaFeminista.com. Veronica lives on the north side of Chicago with her husband, their spunky daughter and doxie named Piper. You can connect with Veronica at Facebook or Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Just imagine the General Assembly is your kid puking

  • May 5, 2010 at 7:01 am

    You captured my sentiments exactly. I’ve worked on SO many campaigns over the years, but now I am simply sick and tired of being sick and tired. You gave me incentive to still be vigilant, I’ll take your advice and hold my nose.

  • July 22, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    I’m so glad you wrote about this. I have been helping a group that is trying to get non nurse home birth midwives licensed in IL. I have to say it has helped me regain my faith in the democratic system. Nothing is perfect but our legislators are people. Most of them do the best they can and if they care, which I believe most do, they have a really hard job. Yes, there are some with no thought but how they can benefit personally while in office but after meeting many of them myself I can say they are decent hard working people. If more of us would get involved and do our part it would hold them more accountable. I urge everyone to take an interest and learn more about how the system works – or doesn’t – and do something other than complain. I did and I’m glad I did!


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