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bigjonesBy Molly Katholi

Only the fact that my husband originally hails from south of the Mason-Dixon could convince my pasta loving self to eat at a restaurant that serves Coastal Southern Cuisine. However, after eating there I can emphatically say that anyone would love Big Jones with its beautiful atmosphere, fantastic food, great service and special considerations for families.

Every time I take my whole family into a new restaurant I worry that it is not appropriate for small children. Big Jones intimidated me a little because it is decorated in a lovely light and airy style my husband assures me is very southern. I should never have worried. They have high chairs and a staff happy to talk to my two children. They provided cups with lids and straws as well as crayons and paper.

The restaurant’s delicious food was a niche that I had not tasted since I last visited the South. Everything from their sweet tea and drinks to their appetizers and main dishes was scrumptious. On top of it all, they use as much local and organic ingredients as possible. They have a children’s menu of favorite dishes which are free everyday from 5-6 p.m with an adult.

Watch out, the macaroni and cheese is decadent and absolutely not from the blue box. My kids did not believe that it was their beloved mac n cheese. However, if you are looking to expand their horizons, my picky eaters both gobbled the Crawfish Boudin Fritters like they were manna from heaven.

If you value your current waistline, do not order the Mississippi Mud Pie. Right now as I sit here I can hear a piece of it calling my name.

If you want to experience the good eats at Big Jones, they are located right in the middle of Andersonville at 5327 N. Clark. To find out more about Big Jones including their menu and specials check them out at

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