Invest In Your Life

Finances a wreck? Have no fear!!

The ReVamp Project thankfully has reminded us that we can concentrate on our overall health. Mind, body, soul, health AND wealth. YES, we can!

Our evening with Matthew Sapaula, President of Matthew Sapaula, Inc. was ENLIGHTENING. Matthew is co-host of MSN Money’s The Invested Life, a reality personal finance show. He is also the wide-renown “Money Smart Guy” on WLS 890 AM. So, as a single mother, trying too make ends meet, I came with my notebook and pen in hand.

I’ve lost 5 pounds of fat, I fed my soul so that I could feed my child’s heart, and now I have heard extremely important fiscal tips that will truly help me propel myself toward goals of early retirement!

My divorce occurred over 10 years ago. I hit financial, and emotional, rock bottom. It was a hard lesson. I even required government assistance initially, but I made a 5 year plan, and it worked. Somehow I was able to come out on top and even acquire a nice cushion. The comfort of affording my lifestyle was bliss until Sept 11, 2001. I coupled what those attacks meant for our hearts and pockets with the recent market crash, and saw my gains, and those of many around me, go negative. Compiled tragedy is never a good thing.

How refreshing when Matthew shared that my mortgage “can be my friend”! Keeping CASH FLOWING is innovative and smart. The LSRT strategy – Liquidity – Safety – Rate of Return – Tax Advantages will save my money’s life.

The huge hits on pensions, 401ks, savings and investments can be turned around, who knew? Revamping my wealth, my life and my entire tone is so inspiring!

What we can accomplish when we listen, learn and share, is key to independence. Taking charge while restructuring requires that we remember “debt is leverage”, get your confidence back, and make your way to Happy Funding!


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3 thoughts on “Invest In Your Life

  • October 22, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    What an amazing time spent with you ladies! Your kids are sooo fortunate to have Money Smart Moms!

  • October 24, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    Matthew ~ your hospitality and insight was invaluable!

    Laila ~ Be sure to check Matthew’s website for more … I also have info so tweet me!


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