Have You Been “Under the Picasso” Yet?

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If you live in Chicago, then you know there are always tons of things going on in this city. When we have visitors, there are always the “easy” options when showing them around Chicago: go to a museum, see “The Bean”, explore Navy Pier. But I like to try to find things that are not quite as obvious, especially if our visitors have already seen the above. And there’s nothing wrong with my seeing something new and different each time as well, right?

The perfect solution is to attend one of the City of Chicago’s Under the Picasso programs! If you never knew such a program existed, take note, and add the link to your favorites so you can always be “in the know”. Under the Picasso are events that take place at Washington and Dearborn on Daley Plaza, alongside or “under” the famous sculpture by Pablo Picasso. Ranging from live musical and dance performances to farmer’s markets, these events always highlight Chicago’s culture and diversity in a fresh and colorful way. Once you check out their monthly calendar of events, you might decide there are some you’d like to attend even when you are not playing the role of “city ambassador”!

This month, the farmer’s markets on Thursdays are a fun place to shop for the freshest local produce in the heart of the Loop. Stop by to pick up some delicious ingredients for dinner, talk to the people who grew the food, and support the local economy at the same time! If you are free today, don’t miss the Universoul Circus, an exciting group of performances featuring dancers, jugglers and tumblers. There are also several musical performances still to come in September, so be sure to see which one is up your alley.

Under the Picasso is a year-round program and you can check the calendar each month to see which events appeal to you, your kids or your out-of-town guests. There is certainly always something for everyone, and these events are a great way to experience the many facets that make Chicago so interesting!

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