Try Some Dimsum in Chicago’s Chinatown

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For the Chinese, Dimsum is more commonly referred to as “Yum Cha”, meaning “Have Tea”. Dimsum are small bite-size portions of Chinese snacks that were traditionally served in tea houses pushed around in carts and served on steamer baskets. Nowadays you can find Dimsum served in almost everywhere in Chinatown where you can order directly from colorful or clearly explained menus.

To those whose never tried them before, the process may be a little intimidating or just plain daunting so I asked some of my local born and bred Chinatown girlfriends on their favorite places and must-try dimsum dishes.

 Elisa M. recommends:

  • Har Gow (shrimp dumpling) – Phoenix. “always fresh and a whole shrimp opposed to minced shrimp”
  • Steamed Tripe – Ming Hin. rRight amount of flavor and ginger, not too chewy and the best homemade tasting hot chili sauce”
  • Small Fried Sesame Balls – China Café. “not too greasy, and perfect to just pop in your mouth”

Anita M. recommends:

  • New Triple Crown Restaurant (Wentworth location) – “yummy sticky rice, not too hard and dry”
  • Har Gow – Phoenix – “so fresh!”
  • Cheung Fun (Steamed Rice Roll/Wrap) with beef, bbq pork, or shrimp – Furama Restaurant – “my kids love it cause they don’t stick together on the plate and it’s fresh. PLUS, there’s free parking and it is close to home”


Emily H. recommends:

  • Dumplings – Mayflower – “large with clean, fresh favors”
  • New Triple Crown
  • Furama Restaurant – “great for big groups, there’s room to spread out”

“Har Gows are my favorite; love sticky rice and the bean curd skin rolls. And I have a sweet tooth so we always have to get the sesame balls and steamed custard rolls.”

Sevila S. recommends:

  • Beijing or Peking Duck – Minghin – “a little on the pricey side but worth it, traditional and tasty, and variety of dishes that some other places may not have.”
  • Mayflower – “very traditional and reasonably priced”

Amy P. recommends: (not born and bred in Chicago’s Chinatown but in Kowloon, HK )

  • Peking Duck – Ming Hin – “fresh and flavorful dim sum”
  • Sesame Rolls – Mayflower – “super yummy”


Locations and links to the restaurants mentioned above:


China Cafe–  2300 S Wentworth Ave. Chicago – (312) 808-0202

Furama Restaurant – 2828 S. Wentworth Ave. Chicago (312) 225-6888

Mayflower Restaurant– 2225 S. Wentworth Ave. Chicago – (312) 808-1322

Ming Hin Cuisine – 2168 S. Archer Ave. Chicago (312) 808-1999

New Triple Crown  – 2217 S. Wentworth Ave. Chicago (312) 842-0088

Phoenix Restaurant – 2131 S. Archer Ave. Chicago (312) 328-0848

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