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By Jen K

Who hasn’t wanted some ice cream and been shut down by the lack of a good little neighborhood grocer? I think we all have been there at one time or another no matter what neighborhood you live in. Well, that is the story that led to Cassie Green and Gary Stephens opening the Green Grocer conveniently located at 1402 West Grand. They lived in the neighborhood for years when one night they ended up at a gas station for some treats and made up their minds.

Beyond your organic and mostly locally produced treats, they carry everything you need to stock up no matter if you live alone or have a big family. They have it all. And rest assured they have researched the manufacturers practices beforehand so you don’t have to. How easy is that? I used to spend hours upon hours scouring the shelves and reading labels even at the typcial big chain health food store looking for healthy, locally produced food and products. Now I know that I can shop in fraction of the time and feel more satisfied that I am making a bigger commitment to support our local community in a healthy and economical way.

On our last visit, we picked out an amazing vegan salad (outstanding homemade dressing) and sandwich from the deli counter and ate right there before we shopped. GG has sweet little tables and chairs positioned in the window so you can pop in and have a bite whenever. My sons love the idea of being in the store while we are eating so they can stake out everything they want to buy from their seats. By the time we get up to shop, they have it all planned out. I told you it was quick & isn’t that what we all want when grocery shopping with kids?

After perusing the well organized shelves, we filled our cart with everything from our favorite brands like Organic Valley, Nicole’s Crackers and James Family Farms to local produce, candles and wine. They even have baby formula and diapers. We picked up our groceries for the week including French bread from Bennison’s Bakery, Pastorelli Pasta Sauce, Chicago Flatscrackers, fudge pecan brownies (to die for!) from Delightful Pastries, a chocolate mousee kit from Sweet Girl, homemade tagliatelle and fiery red chili linguine both from Pasta Puttana, Seedlingscider, and fire roasted green chile salsa (my absolute fav!) and roasted tomato soup with shallots from Tomato Mountain Farm. This is a serious one-stop-shop! Once we are done, Cassie lets the boys scan their own items so they are absolutely entranced with being such good helpers. At the end of this shopping trip, my sons are brimming with pride and excited about their purchases. So different from the scowls I’d see when we were leaving the big chain store. That big store isn’t personal to them or me. That store doesn’t have Cassie either.

It is easy to really feel connected when you shop at Green Grocer. In the time we were there Cassie greeted the flow of customers coming in (each by name) with a big, genuine smile. You don’t get that kind of enthusiasm or care at other places. When I shop here, I know I am supporting local business owners who make this city unique and diverse. What would our city be without this personal touch? Speaking of the one-on-one experience, GG stays grounded and shares their success with their community by serving dinner for the homeless each month at the Dignity Diner. In the tough economic times that we all face, I am comforted that my patronage to Green Grocer helps to support families who are less fortunate in Chicago.

Pop by Green Grocer for one of their many events in March including the Bells Beer Tasting on March 10 at 5pm. And before you start shopping, check out the 15% off coupon here.

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