Get to Know few Chicago Startups & win Electricity for a Year from Power2Switch!

In recent years Chicago has been a major hub for startup companies. It’s not San Francisco but we have got our share of great companies coming out of creative minds here. Here are 3 startups that got our attention for being creative, useful and made in Chicago!

DreamChamps‘ tagline is life’s too short to do work that you hate. They want to make the world a better place to work in by trying to find companies that, more than anything else, care about employee satisfaction. It’s not a secret that employees’ satisfaction and work productivity are very closely correlated and DreamChamps’s mission is “to help Gen Y find work they love. We want to give job seekers the opportunity to discover their “why” – the reason they do what they do. We want to connect passionate dreamers with companies who have top-notch cultures and extraordinary missions.” Read more about them and even sign-up to become either a company or a job seeker on their site. They even have a workshop  in January about work happiness!

Weatherist is the second startup that got our attention. Why? Because Chicago has one of the most unpredictable weather and sometimes looking at one forecast just doesn’t cut it. With the help of “a secret sauce” of algorithms, Weahtrist gathers forecast information from nine forecast providers, puts them all in one place and tells you how likely they are to be correct. The brains behind Weatherist seemed to have had Chicago’s peace of mind when they created it. Their about page tells visitors that unlike traditional weather forecast services, reviews local, national and user-generated forecasts, grades them based off of actual results and only displays the highest rated data. Like I said before, it’s that magic algorithms that helps them achieve that. Can’t wait to see them grow and pop-up in even more cities! This website deserves to be a homepage!

Power2Switch is a company that helps residents and businesses find more affordable electricity suppliers. It’s a very interesting concept, especially because most of us in Chicago always thought that there’s only one electricity supplier in Chicago. They’ve recently raised a very impressive $1.3 millions in first round funding and most of it came from Chicago investors. You can learn more about them by going to their website. Even more exciting, they’ve recently announced a contest offering current and new customers an opportunity to get their electricity bills paid for an entire year through an online contest on the Power2Switch blog.

The process is simple, to enter, Power2Switch customers must complete an online entry form and submit an answer to the question, “If you have already switched to an alternative electricity supplier, are you seeing any savings on the cost of your electricity? If you just switched for this contest, what was preventing you from switching before today?”

There you have it so go on, check them out and see if you can win free electricity for 2012!

You can follow these startups on Twitter at @DreamChamps, @Weatherist & @Power2Switch

Sami Ari

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