Get Ready for The Great Chicago Fire Festival!

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel‘s announcement of a partnership with Redmoon to create The Great Chicago Fire Festival has brought on new excitement in our city of Chicago. It is a refreshing new concept that ties in the beauty of what this beautiful city has to offer and the history that rebuilt Chicago. This will not only beautifully frame the already approved Chicago Riverwalk Project but you can almost imagine the many possibilities of other events popping up to celebrate the many Chicago River festivities to come. The first scheduled The Great Chicago Fire Festival will start on October 2014.

“Chicago is distinguished by the determination to innovate, to reinvent, to rise from the ashes. From the earliest prairie fires off Wolf Point to the City’s rebirth following the Great Chicago Fire, Chicago’s history is marked by episodes of destruction and renewal.”  – Jim Lasko, Co-Artistic Director at Redmoon

More on what the creative engineers of The Great Chicago Fires Festival, Redmoon:

“Transform the experience of our urban landscape through ephemeral events that disrupt everyday life and provide opportunities for public engagement, community building and recognition of the possibility of change.Founded in 1990, Redmoon transforms streets, stages, and architectural landmarks, bridging international, economic, cultural and generational boundaries with a unique brand of Spectacle: a public art form that is equal parts pageantry, gadgetry, puppetry, robust physical performance and visual art.”

Redmoon also recently moved in to a new 57,000 sq. ft. space in Pilsen. Another winning news for the underrated but culturally rich neighborhood of Chicago!

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