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My husband and I recently celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary.  We are so busy these days, so we wanted to spend our anniversary evening over a quiet dinner with wine, menus that didn’t come with colors and no grilled cheese!

I had read about Geja’s Cafe a few times and it seemed like a good anniversary spot so we decided to give it a try.

GREAT choice!  From the moment we walked in and saw the darkened, candle-lit restaurant we knew we were going to get a grown-up evening!  Then we were escorted to our secluded, curtained booth.  Oo la la!

Over delicious fondue, my hubby and I were able to have an actual conversation uninterrupted by flying food or sippy cups that need to be refilled!

We each chose a premier fondue dinner which includes salad; bread and veggies with cheese; beef, seafood and chicken with a variety of sauces; and fruits, pound cake and marshmallows with chocolate.



Everything was delicious, but it was a LOT of food.  Now that we’ve sampled a little bit of everything , the next time we go we’ll probably just do the cheese and chocolate fondue.  We’ll still have plenty of food and we’ll get the best (in my opinion) parts of the meal–the cheese sauce with veggies and the melted chocolate on roasted marshmallows!

I can not say enough good things about Geja’s.  The food was fantastic and the atmosphere is perfect for a date night. But don’t go if you’re dieting!  You definitely want to be able to enjoy all of that splendid food!

Geja’s Cafe is located at 340 West Armitage.  Besides regular dinner hours, they also offer special wine dinners on occasion.

Hmmm, maybe that should be our next date night!

Sara Youngblood-Ochoa

New to both Chicago and motherhood, Sara enjoys exploring everything the Windy City has to offer her, her husband and baby boy. Sara blogs at Modern Day Ricky and Lucyand you can follow her on twitter at @LucilleRicardo

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