Garrett’s Popcorn Celebrates 60!


If you have lived in Chicagoland the past 60 years, then you have been filled to your brim  with tasty, melt-in-your-mouth madness at some point in your life. That mouth-watering goodness, that you just must eat until the bag is empty-even-if-it-take-days, is Garrett’s Popcorn.

Alecia Dantico, Social Media Director and I shared similar tales of being made to stand in line on Michigan Avenue (625 N. Michigan) while our moms shopped! I don’t know about Alecia, but my mother still pleas for Garrett’s though her Michigan Avenue shopping sprees are no longer as frequent.

A few weeks ago, using my Twitter account, I was able to tweet with Alecia that my 78 year old dad makes frequent trips to the  Garrett Loop locations. Imagine being a senior looking forward to your doctor visits because they include a trip for popcorn!

On that particular day, Alecia informed me of their “price rollbacks”. I began trying to reach Dad via his cell phone (yes, the cell phone he never answers) about “price rollback”. Garrett’s “rollback” offers popcorn at an age-old price just $.85 for a small.  Though Dad never answered, Alecia and I somehow reached him telepathically. Thankfully, and to my mother’s delight, my father came home with Garrett’s in hand and a few extra cents in his pocket.

My own personal introduction to Garrett’s Popcorn was 25 years ago. As a high school student, traveling across the city from the South Side to the West Side each day, the Garrett’s location that used to be at Jackson and State was dinner on many occasions. (Hey, they use natural ingredients!)

With such a special history, it  is quite a warming sight that Garrett’s has now joined the social media trend and is interacting with it’s customers via many of the networking outlets. Yes, such as Twitter (@GarrettPopcorn).

I couldn’t agree more with what Alecia shared with me regarding when we eat popcorn. Eating popcorn is a “real and organic”  social experience. “When you are eating popcorn, typically you are sharing it…having fun…having real conversations…” So true!

As part of their year long 60th Anniversary and the re-opening of the Michigan Avenue store, Garrett’s Popcorn will be  reaching out to touch you and your friends and family.

Using the same original Garrett Family recipe, Lance Chody who has owned Garrett’s four years now, hopes you will take advantage of meeting Alecia, ordering a holiday special online, or even popping in to make new friends and indulge in the sweet scrumptiousness that is Garrett’s.

For Garrett’s locations and ordering visit their website at :

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