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| April 5, 2010 | 5 Comments

It has been a looong, cold winter and my little man and I have been cooped up about as long as we can stand it.  So imagine my delight when I discovered The Family Room at The Art Institute of Chicago.

Located in the new Modern Wing, the Family Room is both a great place to stop in while exploring the rest of the museum and a fun one-stop destination.  The day we visited, the Family Room was the only thing on our agenda.  And we had a blast!

With its bright colors, comfy cushions and climbable benches, the Family Room is a wonderland for kids of all ages.  Fully equipped with books, puzzles, blocks and computers for the older kids there is something to entertain everyone.  My son isn’t walking yet, but the room is fully carpeted and he really enjoyed having such a large space to explore.  And as further enticement, the Family Room is FREE!!!

Because the folks at the Art Institute are no fools, they have conveniently placed a children’s gift shop right across the hall from the Family Room.  We wandered in just to look (HA!) and ended up with 2 new books as well as some foam blocks that my little one had enjoyed playing with in the Family Room.

My husband and I have wanted to check out the Modern Wing since it opened, but we were concerned about keeping our son entertained.  Now that I have experienced the Family Room I know we can take him to the Modern Wing and make the occasional pit stop in the Family Room when he gets restless in his stroller.

Now that the weather is getting warmer I know we are looking for things to do outside, but if you have a day where you’d like a little air conditioning (could spring and summer really be on their way??) or you get tired of the park, I highly recommend the Family Room at the Art Institute.

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New to both Chicago and motherhood, Sara enjoys exploring everything the Windy City has to offer her, her husband and baby boy. Sara blogs at Modern Day Ricky and Lucyand you can follow her on twitter at @LucilleRicardo

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  1. Jessica Noel says:

    Thanks for the info, Sara! I look forward to hearing about other Chicago finds 🙂

  2. Very cool, I’ll have to take the kids!

  3. Karen o. says:

    Hi Sara!

    So happy that you and your little one enjoyed the AIC Family room! I always bring my grandchildren there and everyone of them enjoys it. There is a magnetic puzzle for the 3-6 year old kids and unlimited books to read, and of course blocks to build new architectural structures! The computers are a great way to showcase art foryoung children and follow up when you are home.
    The first time we ventured out into Gunsalus hall with our 2 yr old grandson, he noticed the “Elephant-Man”, Ganesha from Asia! Now he loves to see and hear the story on the AIC computer website, “curious corner”! Check it out!

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