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Eulalio Fabie de Silva will be having his first major solo art exhibition at the Freeark Gallery, Riverside Arts Center at Riverside, IL.  This marks a quasi-retrospective art exhibition that spanned within the last 5 years of his works though he has been painting since his childhood to follow the footsteps of his father, Bueno Silva – a noted international artist whose claim to fame were the personal presentation of Pope Paul VI in the early 70s, Pope Paul II in the 80s, Senator Diane Feinstein of California (then mayor of San Francisco) and other luminaries.

His pieces to be shown are expressive figurative paintings, landscapes and interiors done in a fauvistic mannerism (French art movement – post-impressionistic era).  He honed his brushstrokes and colors from his direct plein-air paintings of landscapes in the early 90s gradually adding figures to populate his canvases.  He works mainly in oils that are formally explored throughout the surface of the paintings – thick impastoes, dripping paint thinned by oils and childishly mannered to complement the composition.

His influences are Vincent Van Gogh, Chiam Soutine, Richard Diebenkorn, Elmer Bischoff and Frank Auerbach, to name a few, but retaining his own self-absorbed vision of Chicago’s suburbia, and the composites from his drawings and clippings from various available magazines to form a modern visage of what is now a lively rekindling of the expressionistic genre of painting meets the theater.  Drama, emotions but banal in subjects.  We can see his art website at

He is also a freelance graphic designer and photographer to make a living of.  (  He is married to Roseanne Silva who works with the American Bar Association in the financial department and hopes to pursue her dreams of being a veterinarian.  They have an 11 year old budding artist in Michael Patrick Silva who attends at Haugan Elementary School in the NW side of Chicago who at 5, won the Best of Show award at Bloomington Park District Museum in a Youth Art Competition 7 in Bloomington, IL.


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