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We’ve all heard talk in the media about the power of your thoughts. Self-realization gurus preach it, doctors relate it to your ultimate health care plan, and even Oprah has shows dedicated to exploring the topic of this “secret”. It is the belief that what you think in your mind is directly related to what you experience in your life. What you believe to be true in your mind creates your reality and experience. This topic can seem kind of confusing, mystical and even kind of unrealistic. It might even lead you to question “if it really was that easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?” Ah ha! In reply to this skepticism, I respond with a resounding, “Yes! It really is that easy.” Fortunately, every single day more and more people are recognizing the correlation between mind and matter as a scientific fact. As a Personal and Spiritual Wellness Coach, a core part of the work I do with my clients is helping them become aware of the thoughts they hold in their minds. And to become aware of whether or not these thoughts match their true desires and goals for what they want to experience in their lives. If the thoughts and desires do not match, we work together to plant new seeds and watch them grow. It is a beautiful process to witness and as their coach I learn a lot from my clients. I also learn a lot about myself.

One of the most aggressive beliefs that people hold onto is their inability to let go of something, someone, or a past regret. This aggressive belief can have a tenacious grip on the limiting thoughts we all have about ourselves and how we relate to others. It can also cause so much damage to one’s self image that it seems almost impossible to overcome. Yet it is possible to release the grip, to bring healing and to ultimately let go. In my coaching, I like to start my clients on this path of letting go by sharing small, simple steps. It is amazing what can happen when you start small yet think big. For today, I want to share with you a small, simple perspective on the difference between “letting go” and “giving up”.

Giving up is a passive, negative action. Its motivation stems from frustration and fear. Giving up says to the world, “I don’t care enough to try to figure this out for myself, so I give up!” When you give up on something, you no longer allow the idea to manifest good in your life. You allow yourself to believe that your ability to reach a goal is absolutely impossible and thus it becomes impossible. Giving up has negative energy at its core so it can only bring more negative energy into your thoughts and thus your life. And when all you can see is a negativity reality, the negative events that follow your negative thoughts only confirm your impossible, miserable state of being. Giving up leads nowhere, you can’t learn the lesson if you don’t chose to walk the path.

On the other hand, letting go is a positive, affirmative action. It confirms that even though you may not have the answers you seek today, you are willing to remain open to those answers appearing sometime in the future. Letting go removes the ego from a decision or an action. It puts aside desperate, selfish motivations and recognizes that time and patience will bring about your intended outcome in the most beneficial way possible for everyone involved. Letting go involves love and selflessness as a basis for motivation. It recognizes that the only person we truly have control over is ourselves and the thoughts we think. Letting go has positive energy at its core and this energy invites peace, forgiveness, hope and happiness into your thoughts, your perspective and your outlook for the future.

So the question to ask yourself next time you are facing a difficult decision is, “Am I going to give up or let go?” Start small, think big. Let go of the belief that you are motivated to do anything out of fear, frustration or need to control. Let go of that aggressive belief that tells you the only way to happiness is to hold on tight with all your strength. Loosen your grip and let yourself be free.

And if you feel you need some help along the way to clarify the unique path upon which you are traveling, simply reach out. I am here to help you and support you – every small, simple step along the way.

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