Dogs Are People, Too

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dogFor those of us who love our dogs almost as much as we love our children (and when we think about college tuition, maybe more), check out the following places for some pampered loving for your fur babies. Some are on the northwest side, but not all, and all are worth the trip!

For grooming needs, our favorite place is Clean Dog at 535 North Ashland, in the city. Full disclosure, it’s owned by someone we know, but I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t mean it. It’s apparent John adores dogs and his studio and spa rooms are spotless. His prices are reasonable and he treats every dog as his best friend. When our dogs just need a quick nail-cutting, we visit VIP Grooming on the northwest side (6702 ½ N Northwest Highway in Edison Park, 773 774 0334). They are quick and professional and it’s $10 per dog per nail trin. They do grooming as well, but we haven’t used that yet. No doubt they are excellent though. You can park right out front, or use the free corner lot on Northwest Highway next to Edison Park Fieldhouse.

For those of you who need to board your dogs, you know that it’s hard to find a place you can trust to take care of your ‘babies.’ We stumbled upon Blair Canine Care in Tri Taylor/UIC by chance at a vet visit. When I spoke to owner Mari Blair, she had us come by for a meet-and-greet, and then later we did an overnight trial run. Mari walked us into her house and let our Tino sniff around, giving him lots of hugs. I left him with his sad little face pressed up against Mari’s front door, thinking he’d miss me desperately. When I picked him up and he was tired but happy. And the next time I dropped him off with Mari, he ran right into the house to play with her dogs with nary a glance in my direction. I was heartbroken but knew he was in good hands. We have added another dog to our household since then, and Mari had taken Willow in, too, like she was her own. It’s $30 a day for one dog, $55 for two for boarding and $25/$40 for daycare. The love is free! (And as a testament to Mari’s greatness, we even named our daughter after one of her dogs, though we will deny it until the day we die.) Our dogs walk around Mari’s like they own the place and we know they are in the finest of hands. The dogs have a fenced yard to play in, a deck to sun themselves on, an indoor playroom and a family-away-from-family.

If you are looking for boarding and daycare near O’Hare, try Paradise4Paws in Schiller Park. At this suburban pet haven, you can choose to have your dog in his own room, or in the ‘slumber party’ room, ranging from $47-75 a night (feline rates range from $25-35 per night). Daycare ranges from $12-32 per day and frequent users may choose to join the Paradise Club, which will make discounts available. Paradise4Paws also offers spa and grooming services, training, massage therapy, pet portraits, vet visits and a retail shop. And here is the best part: they also offer pet pick up and drop off, from your home or from O’Hare! We haven’t used those services since we are close to Schiller Park, but the convenience of having to not make an extra trip for boarding on our way out of town is definitely food for thought. You can even park in discounted airport locations, or choose to catch a ride with P4P’s taxi service. Talk about meeting all of your needs! The facilities at P4P are clean and bright and dogs are separated by temperament. There is a large area for them to play, including a water feature, agility courses and even ‘quiet’ rooms for downtimes. (Cat lovers will also be impressed by the Cat Adventure Jungle.)

Unfortunately for the life of a dog, it’s not just fun and games and a good shampoo. There are vet visits, too, and sometimes things even more serious. Abell Animal Hospital in Norwood Park has doctors who literally saved our Tino’s life. Two years ago, we found a growth on him and Abell acted quickly. The vets—Dr. Singh in particular—performed a biopsy and removal and then called the lab several times over a holiday weekend—from home—to get us the results. When the lab did not give him a quick enough report, he spoke to us about our options and the odds and referred us to Animal Emergency Referral Center in Northbrook, another fine facility. The doctors there were thorough and honest, complementing Dr. Singh on providing clear margins during the surgery, and completed their own labs, in the end recommending us for another consult, this time with veterinary radiation oncologist Jayme Looper at VCA in Aurora, one of only a handful of oncologist in the entire country. In the end, we opted for a three-week session of radiology for Tino, and had him stay there Monday through Friday. Dr. Looper answered all of our questions and addressed every concern. We were updated on his condition twice a day, always told that he was doing well, hanging around the office and being “a real gentleman” which actually concerned us since that didn’t at all sound like him! And sure enough, on the last day of treatment, they sent Tino home with a picture called BUSTED—The Tino That We Know and Love, which showed him eating the garbage in the exam room, thus creating “the Tino rule” of putting the garbage away at night. We loved having him well taken-care-of, but we also appreciated the special time they took to take his picture and give it to us, and their sense of humor. (Tino, by the way, is two years cancer-free.)

So if you are looking for some doggone places to pamper your pooch, add these places to your list.  It’s 5 paws for them all!

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