Coca-Cola Balanced Living Workshop taking place in Chicago

I was compensated for my participation in Coca-Cola’s Balanced Living Workshop, but my thoughts and views are my own.

Thanks to the Blogher organization, I’m thrilled to be joining the Coca-Cola Balanced Living Workshop taking place at the Conrad Hotel here in Chicago. With 2013 coming up ahead, this conference will give a chance to get myself psyched on living a better and healthier everyday family life.

According to the event agenda, registered dietitians and nutritionists will lead sessions on family nutrition. I can attend a one-on-one consultation session for a customized wellness plan, including discussion on tackling the challenges I go through dealing with health and wellness. There will also be a fitness session, interactive cooking demonstration, and a visit to a local grocery with a registered dietitian!

What I’m even more pleased to learn about is how Coca-Cola plans on helping our favorite city of Chicago (along with our communities) turn into a healthier and more sustainable city. As a proud Chicagonista whose main mission is to live healthier, I’m excited that this will go beyond what we will be practicing inside my home.

Peeking in Coca-Cola’s Sustainability Report on the Coca-Cola website, I can see that they have taken serious steps in responsibly changing our world globally. They are truly taking strides in educating each individual and their communities around the world. Projects like Water Stewardship, Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection, Sustainable Packaging, and Sustainable Environment are already in place. Iím really excited to learn about all this.

Please join me on Dec. 11th and 12th as I tweet along the conference with the hashtag #CCBalancedLiving. You can find me at @mjtam and @chicagonista, and make sure to be following our Chicagonista Facebook page as well. You should also stay tuned for my recap post here in Chicagonista. The conference will be packed with information and just the thought of mingling with mission-minded individuals is more than anyone could hope for!

MJ Tam

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