Clinton Global Initiative 2012 in Chicago

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The Clinton Global Initiative, established by President William Jefferson Clinton in 2011 and convened in Chicago, returned June 7-8 at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers. Once again, it brought together hundreds of business leaders, non-profit, government, and advocates for change to address economic growth in the United States by strenuously discussing, in intimate cross-sector collaborations, innovation, education, job creation and workforce development.

Globally conscious citizens including our Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, brought to the table issues that concern us today and will affect our futures and that of our society.

Chicagonista/The Chicago Moms attended Early Childhood Education Sessions for 3 rounds of fine-tuning “Commitments”. The entire premise – “Turning Ideas Into Action” was very productive.  At the end of the day Friday, President Clinton announced 58 commitments. They will play out as follows:

When fully funded and implemented, the 58 new CGI America commitments will positively impact the lives of nearly 3.9 million Americans

Commitments to Action made by attendees will result in:

– More than 32,000 jobs created, including 6,600 green jobs.
– More than 500,000 jobs filled by veterans and their family members.
– Nearly 68,000 people receiving improved access to capital or financial services.
– More than 117,000 people benefiting from access to job training and certification.
– Nearly 760 million kilowatt hours of energy saved.
– More than $84 million of new capital invested in green initiatives.
– More than 12,000 people with increased access to health services.
– More than $640 million of the total value of the new commitments addressing housing recovery, including returning distressed single-family housing to productive use, retrofitting homes in 25 new cities, and developing affordable housing units for low-income individuals.

Read the full press release and statement by President Clinton

featured photo credit: PAUL BEATY/ Clinton Global Initiative CGI America 2012 EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION

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