Chicago’s very own Gourmet Goodies

Deliciously fascinating, a meal AND or a work of art as a gift? Is that possible with an apple, a pretzel, cupcake, or a scrumptious piece of chocolate? It certainly is!

Mrs. Prindadables, and many other specialized companies, have managed to conquer the taste-bud and the eye, making us dig in our pockets for tasty, well-worth-it products .

Mrs. Prindable’s brand was acquired by AFFY TAPPLE ten years ago and is such a wholesome and wonderful treat. It began in Texas 25 years ago, shared Jenny Cueva, P.R. for Mrs. Prindable’s. There came about an idea of an imaginary character known as “Mrs. Prindable”. Mrs. Prindable was summoned by the Kings and Queens of England when they heard about her delicious confections. Her popularity grew as she created these huge caramel apple creations especially for her royal hosts. The apples were good enough for royalty – hence the purple and gold decor – which would soon become the colors the brand used to play off the “royal” impression.

Chicago notables like Nuts On Clark and World’s Finest Chocolate also provide a thoughtful and delicious touch to any holiday.

What a great way to show someone you’re genuinely thinking of them without mailing a typical card. I often struggle with how to keep within budget, yet provide a true smile on someone’s face when any holiday or birthday crosses the calendar.

Each Chicago-based company, with years of experience in making Chicagoans smile, offer their signature gourmet goodies with beautiful flare. Caramels wrapped in bows, boxes of chocolate towering high, or containers of your favorite dessert packaged with meticulous detail.

Just perfect for any Chicago Mama this Mother’s Day!

The only other thing to consider is keeping yourself out of the order! When ordering, remember that someone may even return the thought!

Photo Credit: Triple Chocolate Petite Apples


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