Chicagonista Exclusive: Giuliana Rancic on Chase, Toy Story 3, and her love for Chicago!

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Giuliana Rancic, star of Giuliana and Bill reality show and host on E! Network on Thursday.  Giuliana  hosted a red carpet at the AMC North (600 N. Michigan) theaters for Chase. Chase was offering customers an exclusive screening of Toy Story 3 and will be kicking off its Buy One Get One Free offering on movie tickets that begins July 1st.

Chicagonista: How did this promotion come about with Chase?

Giuliana Rancic: My friend told me about this opportunity and I said absolutely.  My nieces are obsessed with Toy Story, I actually have 13 nieces and nephews and my niece said, ‘You have to go and see Toy Story 3,’ there is a bear in the movie (she likes).  She was like “Auntie will you bring me the bear home?” I’m like I’m just going to the movie; I can’t pull him off the screen!” (laughing).  Also I have been a Chase member for a long time.  I was happy to do it; I was thrilled to be in Chicago which is fantastic!  It was a no brainer.

I know you split your time between LA and Chicago with Bill Rancic.  How is that going for you?

GR:It’s good! You know we just started shooting season 3 of our reality show (Giuliana and Bill) and in the past it’s been 50/50- LA and Chicago. This season it’s about 80/20 -Chicago and LA.  Very excited, we are doing 80 percent in Chicago.  They tested the show and found that people really loved Chicago; people from the Midwest really love to see the Midwest.  I’m so excited that we get to be here so much, I love the city, I just need to move all of E! here to Chicago including Ryan Seacrest, but he’s a diva, he won’t move.

What are some of your favorite places in Chicago?

GR:I’m going later tonight to eat at Carmine’s, I love anywhere where I can sit outside when the weather is nice. I go shopping at Intermix or any of the stores on Michigan Ave. I love brand names, I don’t need boutiques. I’m like an H & M girl! I go to Blommie’s (Bloomingdale) a lot, I like regular stores. I find deals at Loehmann’s, I do it all. I’m a regular girl, I don’t do fancy stuff.  The best restaurants are here, we (her and Bill) do dinner and then take a 30 minute walk; we just love it (Chicago).

Tell us about the new book.

GR:We (her and Bill) have a new book we just wrote for Random House. It’s called: I do, now what? It’s a bible for newlyweds.  You get married, what happens now?  Especially now a days we are waiting till we are older to get married, we are independent when we get married, girls are working and it’s weird.  It’s about cohabitating and really locking down your foundation and creating a strong foundation.  So you will have a successful marriage for the next 50 years.  It’s been really fun, because Bill and I wrote it together.  It comes out September 28th.

Tell us about the new reality show you producing?

GR:I have a new show called Bridalplasty, it’s basically the Swan meets the Biggest Loser meets Bridezilla.  Its 12 brides in the house and 6 weeks until their wedding and they compete for different things like their dream dress and a designer wedding cake as well as plastic surgery.  They are all very cute girls but they may want their nose tweaked or beautiful lips or more hair extensions.  It’s what they want but can’ t afford for their wedding.  It’s a fun show and they are going to look beautiful on their wedding day.

What can we expect from the new season of the show, Giuliana and Bill?

GR:It’s crazy! A lot of baby talk.  We have been very public about having a baby, trying for a baby and IVF and all that kind of stuff.  It’s been incredible. We have had a great response, we had no idea that other reality shows hadn’t talked about this.  People in Hollywood don’t talk about IVF, its more: “I’m 42, and my eggs are like a 20 year olds, my eggs are really special”.  Well they (eggs) are not.  So we wanted to bring it to the forefront and there is a lot of that.  We also just brought a house in Chicago, in Hinsdale – the burbs.  That’s exciting; it’s going to be a lot of crazy stuff on the new season.

Giuliana has been an anchor and managing editor of E! News since January 2005, an author of 2006’s hit Think Like a Guy, and married Chicago native and Apprentice winner Bill Rancic in 2007.

All media are asked to credit for any material used.

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  1. duongsheahan says:

    What a great interview. My daughter & I met her at Bloomies a few months ago…she really is genuinely kind.

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