Chicago Bloggers Celebrate Thanksgiving With Elephant Girl Jane Devin

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Elephant Girl” by Jane Devin is a story of profound courage and perseverance.

Chicagonista hosted a Thanksgiving Dinner at Chicago’s Bella Luna Cafe to introduce local area bloggers to the talents of Jane Devin and her profound approach to writing and living in the face of adversity.

In a perfect backdrop of warm hearts and friendship attendees openly shared thanks and appreciation for overcoming the not so nice things many of us have to face. There was wine, tears and toasting as Jane Devin, unable to make the trip, met each blogger via Skype. Each mom testified how important parenting is to young lives. Chicagonista was able to purchase books for participants due to the fact that sponsoring Jane to Chicago did not materialize. There are plans to bring Jane in after the holidays for the much anticipated discussion follow-up.

Chicagonistas were introduced to Jane during the Chicago leg of her documenting drive for Finding My America: A Storied Journey Across The Country. Through these two powerful avenues, Jane has shared not only her words but given us a piece of herself and her pain.

Bloggers that joined Chicagonistas MJ Tam and I were:

Rita Pacenta –
Alicia Peiffer –
Maria Ramos –
Lisa Hanneman –
Rowena Abrahams –
Johanna Cook –
Sharon Patrice –

 About the book:

“Written in three distinct voices—child, teen and adult—Jane Devin takes readers on an intimate, imaginative and often harrowing life journey. Born unwanted and raised without love, the child-author invents a rich inner life to see her through years of trauma. Leaving home at 16, the teen-author struggles to find happiness and a sense of place in a world that feels confusing and unfamiliar. Then, years after stumbling into an adulthood mired in tragedy and broken dreams, the woman-author finds herself at a crossroads. The choice she ultimately makes is as stunning as it is brave.Told in unflinching and often lyrical prose, Elephant Girl goes beyond a singular life story to speak of powerful, universal truths and the ability of the human spirit to redeem itself.” from Amazon

From the soul of a broken child and the heart of a resilient woman comes a story about turning imagination into possibility and scars into art.” – Rosie O’Donnell, Talk Show Host

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