Boot Camp? Bring it!

By Lisa Hanneman from Hannemaniacs

Boot camp is something I have always wanted to do. I talk a big game, but I’m serious about this one.

Boot camp first intrigued me when I was in terrific post-wedding, pre-baby shape. At the time I was my #1 priority. Back then the thought of boot camp was exciting. I’d run five miles and then take an extreme toning class, no problem. I had plenty of free time, loved a good workout, was always on board for something new, and thrived on competition. However, I never took a chance on boot camp back then.

These days I have no free time, can’t remember my last really good workout, prioritize what’s worth doing, but still thrive on competition. Yet, I took the chance on boot camp. I jumped at it fully knowing it would take a lot of work to make it work.

Evening boot camp doesn’t really mesh with our routine. It means I have to stay downtown after work and head west for a 6:30 class, which doesn’t get me home until 8:00 earliest. It makes the commute tougher, puts more pressure on my husband to hold down the fort, and means that I don’t get to see my two year-old a couple of evenings a week. But, we’re making it work.

I pumped myself up before the first day, really got ready to get my butt kicked. And I did, just not in the way I thought I would. I guess I anticipated more G.I. Jane. I expected loud stomping, yelling, counting out loud as we did push-ups, someone jumping from woman to woman demanding higher knees… Instead, I found an environment void of yelling, where no one gets in my face. I found a place where we’re encouraged and educated, yet still get a really good work out. Trust me, the soreness speaks for itself. And I really love being sore.

It’s not just the work out. It’s the opportunity to spend time with other cool women, other talented bloggers who have a lot to teach me. It’s the only time I am putting aside for me. Often when I take time away for my family it’s for a friend or my sisters or work or my blog. But, this boot camp is just for me… and my muscles.

The ReVamp Project fitness bootcamp is sponsored by Total Results Training

Lisa is in need of a ReVamp and posts about her over-booked life on her personal blog Hannemaniacs. Follow her on twitter: @hannemaniacs

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