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I love sweets and although I am trying to maintain a vegan lifestyle, sweets are often where things really fall apart for me.

Luckily, there is a place in town that can satisfy your need for beautiful, sustainable, decadence while also offering a flavorful, health-conscious choice.

Located in the heart of LakeView, nestled on an age-old corner that used to bustle with old timers and diner frequents, is a vision of punk rock, organic, incredible fare!

Entering Bleeding Heart Bakery you are quickly enveloped by rich, clingy smells of sugar and spice and everything NICE!

Michelle and Vinny Garcia, co-owners and “partners in life and crime” have given us a way to support local produce, our health, and being vegan. Finally, you can choose!

Michelle shared that she was vegan for 9 years and spent alot of time “wishing everything I ate did not consist of cardboard and granola”.  She opened the bakery and ” decided to go about vegan recipes differently. I wrote the very best conventional recipes I could and made them vegan. I was sick of people thinking that just because someone is vegan means that they have no taste buds”. OH THANK YOU, MICHELLE!

The Bleeding Heart Bakery buys from the farm Growing Power located in Milawaukee, WI. Michelle reports that “they really are the whole package. They educate themselves and the consumer, their urban farming is an amazing educational tool bringing vegetables to urban food desserts and their products are exceptional. I find myself creating my menu based off their availability and that is so inspirational”.

She also  loves purchasing from  Organic Valley. “I understand they are HUGE now, but I have been with them from the very beginning. The scones we make with their soymilk are by far the best and the fat to water ratio in their butter is spot on. They also really truly care about who their consumer is”.

Bleeding Heart Bakery is such a treat and a welcomed surprise. I attended a “Tweetup” there and honestly have been dreaming of red velvet cake balls ever since. So when I needed a birthday cake for my teen, who is now addicted to red velvet cake balls too, I high-tailed it to Michelle and the Bleeding Heart Bakery Team who made the most exquisite chocolate, chocolate mouse, vegan cake you will EVER experience.

AND, of course, I ordered a few cake balls and a coffee – how could I resist!You too can fall in love. Simply mention Chicagonista and Michelle will give you a Bleeding Heart surprise!

The Bleeding Heart Bakery is located at 1955 W. Belmont, Chicago IL 773 -327-6934 and at 1010 North Boulevard, Oak Park IL 708-358-0559.
Stop in for your organic yum today!
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