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Pat yourself on the back, you have made it through another summer with your sanity. Between day camp, swimming (hot oil here you come), and movie nights the kids managed to have a ball.  In between being the chauffer, you even managed a few brief moments to yourself.

And now its all about to change. The rigid school schedule is about to be cast upon your family.

So what’s a mom to do:

1. Start by getting everyone back on school sleeping mode. Put those little ones in bed 15 minutes earlier each night.

2. Clean out the kids clothing closets. Make sure their school wardrobe is in tact. If your are lucky, they wear a school uniform and you can stip this step. Dont you wish we lived in a state that had a tax free weekend???

3. Clean out and organize your kids homework/art station. Categorize supplies and get them stocked up.

4. Make sure they have a good backpack and lunch bag.

5. Clean out and organize your toy areas. There wont be alot of time during the year. Donate any toys that aren’t utilized anymore.

6. Stock up on snacks for lunches and after school..

These simple steps can help you get in the swing of things for the school year. By spending a little time each day, you will be able to save time during the year.

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