Ask The Organizer Spring Series: Organizing Accessories

| April 12, 2009 | 3 Comments

For the month of April and May,  Chicago’s Professional Organizer Erin Kelly of Arranged by Erin will be accepting some organizing questions to help your spring cleaning quest. And this week she is tackling on how to organize your accessories question from one of our readers.

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Question: I love accessories like bags, necklaces, sunglasses, earrings, etc.  But I never know how to organize these items without having them all cluttered in my drawer.  Do you have a specific way of organizing them?

Erin’s Answer: When I saw the question about organizing accessories, I had to answer. After all, I was raised by the earring queen. Yes, my mother has quite the collection. You see, in Texas, everything must match. After picking out a new outfit, the next stop was always the earring counter. I even learned to make my own baubles.

Girlfriend…respect your pretty stuff. Don’t shut it away. Out of site out of mind. And there is nothing worse then going out and not being properly accessorized.

  1. Purses…If you have the space, line them up on a closet shelf. You can get a small canvas tote to store the small cocktail clutch types. Another solution is a purse hanger (can be purchased at an organizing store) that will allow you to hang the purses.
  2. Sunglasses…These actually go nice in a drawer. Line them up and keep them in the case to prevent scratching.
  3. Earrings..My favorite solution is the hang them through a cross stitch board on a hanger. Shown on the pic above. This keeps all your earrings together and makes accessorizing a no-brainer.
  4. Necklaces…Put an end to tangles. Hang them up. I hang my on a pants hanger in my closet. Another great solution is to hang them on a cork board with a simple thumb tack.

Happy Organizing!!


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  1. Janet Christie says:

    Erin, Thankyou sooooo much. Your solutions seem so simple but are truly BRILLIANT! I can’t wait to learn more. Sounds like you come from an interesting family. Let us here more!

  2. Lisa Kessler says:

    Great tips Erin, I will be looking for more! I need organization more than anything!

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