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Title: “Aqueduct to the Orient”

December 7, 2008 – This old structure just underneath this CTA Argyle stop at northside Chicago, known mistakenly as “ Little Chinatown” –  but more accurately as Little Vietnam and Cambodian-town dons much of the photograph – leads the viewer towards excitement.

This area is a noteworthy minority community of Bui Dois**, those of mixed Vietnamese and American ancestry. In actuality, it boasts of other Asian descents representing the Chinese, Thai, and Laotians.  This uptown gem exudes oriental delights of novelty stores, pharmacies, bakeries, restaurants and groceries attract locals and suburbanites to buy, eat or just walk around by.

For the “north-siders” it is a quick getaway towards the Orient, a much easier route instead of journeying all the way to the south side of Chicago to enjoy Chinese eateries and such – but for this Asian community, it is Asia-lite, boasting of authentic “little” stores albeit authentic.

Visit Argyle Street and see for yourself.  It is one of Chicago’s best kept secret in dining, shopping and just to walk around.  And that says a lot for this little town.

**(“Dust of Life” literally but a colloquial expression used to refer to the street kids and hooligans of Vietnam made popular by an American journalist in the 1980s mistakenly thought of “bui doi” largely as Amerasians.)

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Eulalio DeSilva is a Chicago-based Artist-Painter (also a Graphic Designer and Photographer) has been exhibiting for more than 10 years with over 40 group shows up to date, and working on his major solo exhibition for 2009 at the Riverside Art Center just within the outskirts of Chicago. He resides with his family in the North side of Chicago with his wonderful wife and a budding artist son, Michael (11 yr old). Visit his art website at

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  1. Ah ok I’ve always known it as Little Chinatown. Thanks for the clarification

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    Great! Thanks for sharing!

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