Announcing our ULTAmate Mom Winners!

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We and our following judges are excited to announce our 3 ULTAmate Mom winners! They will be receiving awesome prizes from Salon @ ULTA, lahleyoo!, and Chicagonista.

Grand Prize: Joanne Murray
2nd Prize: Martha Iverson
1st Prize: Jen Kehring

A few weeks back we asked our readers and followers to honor their favorite Moms by writing her story and on May 5th-6th our readers voted for their favorite entries to go to the final judging . There were 2,887 votes and the top 3 entries are Moms listed above. Our judges took over from there and voted their Grand Winner choice; Joanne Murray, whose story was told and submitted by her daughter Caitlin Giles.

Daughter Penny Lawrence submitted her mother’s (Martha Iverson) story and Jeanette Mercado submitted her sister Jen Kehring’s story.

Each of their stories were very touching and below are the few words from our main judges who voted for their choice of Grand Prize Winner.

By Steph of Adventures In Babywearing:

Picked Jennifer Kehring

I was so touched by Jeanette’s nomination of her sister Jennifer. I can relate so much- I know how hard it is to take on a special diet for your child as well as do all the research and everything you can to make him better. When it feels like there are no answers, but you’ll do anything and everything to find one… even if it means losing yourself.

This entry touched me and brought back so many feelings. I know if I had an opportunity like the Ultamate Mom prize it would have been such a treat and encouragement to keep going. It will be more than just a spa day to this Mom. It will mean more than we all could possibly understand.

By Amy Mueller of

Picked Joanne Murray

“I’m nominating Joanne Murray for the Grand Winner because she reminds me a lot of my own mom. The hardest thing is suffering the loss of your spouse (I know this because I lost my dad and watch what my mom goes through every single day, even after 12 years). Joanne seems like the type of person who appreciates what life has to offer her. She’s making the best of what she has been blessed with and is pressing on. I think it takes a very strong person to be able to do that. I gather that Joanne wakes up every morning and goes through her day appreciating even the littlest things and that is truly something to honor.”

By Farrah Lauten Brown of DuPage Mamas

Picked Joanne Murray

‘Her positive attitude in the face of adversity is truly inspiring. As a mother, it is so hard to keep a smile when you are tired and there are so many demands on you. Joanne has been through more than her fair share of challenges and yet has maintained her grace and optimism. Reading her story and all she has pressed through gives me a renewed courage to do the same. While not to the same degree, I have too had some hard challenges to walk through on my motherhood journey so far. And sometimes I let myself get bogged down in the difficulties of this path. But Joanne’s story of optimism and determination inspires me to also try to see the positive in everything and focus on life’s joys. Thank you, Joanne, for being an inspiration to mothers. You truly deserve a day of pampering! :)’

By Dawn Bertuca of Girlfriend Celebrations

Picked Martha Iverson

“Let me first say, it is very difficult to choose a winner. All three are certainly deserving and seem to have touched many lives with their caring examples.

Since you are making me choose among these awesome ladies 😉 I would choose #3, Martha Iverson as the grand prize winner. The author of the entry wrote that Martha has lost some of her hair due to the stress of losing her niece. I think she could probably benefit the most from professional hair and beauty advice. I would love to see her looking as fabulous on the outside as she is on the inside!

This contest has been a great reminder of how women tend to put everyone else first while neglecting themselves. I hope all three winners feel rejuvenated by their day of beauty and remember how special and important they truly are.”

By MJ Tam of Chicagonista

Picked Joanne Murray

“I love how Joanne has a very positive look in life and one who appreciates the bright spots instead of delving into her life’s many challenges. There is a lot to be learned from someone like her. I would hope that I can attain to be a positive role model to my children like she did with hers.”

By Catherine McNiel of  DuPage Mamas

Picked:  Martha Iverson

“I was blessed and inspired by the description of Martha’s life-long loving sacrifice through the years, when she had so little herself. I think the thing that stood out to me is that her daughter grew up thinking this was common. If living like Martha WAS common, we’d have a much better world. Thank you for all you’ve done, Martha! Well done!”

By Tina Bishop of Girlfriend Celebrations

Picked Martha Iverson

“For decades, Martha has “Ultamately” sacrificed for others. She has set a wonderful example for the generations around her of what it means to be a caring, thoughtful, loving person. She has made the world a more beautiful place with her shining example of selfless love. Martha “the mom with angel wings” is truly an inspiration for all”

By Arianne Segermann of To Think is To Create

Picked Joanne Murray

“This mom shows all the characteristics of not just an incredible mom, but an incredible woman. Her struggles in life no doubt have continued to mold her into the amazing person she is, but now it’s time she had a little pampering. Even a little “thank you” like this from the world would no doubt be such a gift to this beautiful woman.”

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you all that submitted their stories.

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  1. Veronica Jarvis says:

    Congrats to the winners! You all are very deserving!

  2. Joanne Murray says:

    I am humbled and honored by the kind words and wonderful award. Thanks to all.

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