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By: Jen K

Need a personal time out after caring for everyone but yourself? Although Allyu Spa is very close by, you will feel transported a million miles away once you walk through the threshold. My senses buzzed as I ventured in. As the warm, faint smell of jasmine sunk deep into my nose it traveled right to my brain and signaled my shoulders to relax and encouraged my breath to deepen. I was impressed that the staff greeted me by name even though it was my first visit. Exuding the same Zen sense of calm as the hypnotic soft music floating across the room, the staff had me in spa sandals and seated with a cup of tea before I knew what was happening. I think I was floating too.

As I sat and watched the nearby water in the Chicago River, I looked around this bright yet soothing space. Rich antiques from across Asia grace the spa in unexpected and fully functional ways. Take the door that resides between the restrooms and the hallway. Not only does it bring a grounded sense of history, it is engraved with stories of the original owner’s adventures. Purposeful art- I love it.

Reclaimed wood layers the walls behind the handmade desk. The seats made of natural woods must have been shaped by skilled craftsman they are so comfortable and smooth. Stones (collected locally) piled one on top of the other form walls that lead to the spa space. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. It was like traveling down a riverbed towards my next destination.

Once we turned the corner- the pais de resistance! The meditation tent, full of candlelight and flowing luxuriously light fabric, enveloped the center area that connected all the rooms beckoning you to sit in the individually draped spaces and meditate, read or sleep. Exactly what the busy parent needs to unwind and recharge the battery.

If I said my acupuncture experience at Allyu was amazing, it could not it justice. I literally sank into the deepest calm since my epidural! After talking with Lisa about the reasons for scheduling my appointment, she outlined her philosophy, what I could expect and even some suggestions for how to change some of my eating habits (goodbye dairy and caffeine for now!) to get the most out of my experience. There was an immediate sense of trust and respect. I believed in the treatment plan and it was so soothing.

Afterward, I knew the experience was more powerful than any urge for a latte. Feeling the effects throughout what could have been a hectic day, I spoke to the kids slower and watched them with improved concentration. It was like the best sleep I ever had and took a fraction of the time! Their website does a thorough job of explaining their workshops, the various spa services including hot stone, Thai and Shiatsu Massage to mani/pedis with eco friendly polishes.

Connect to Allyu and take a well deserved retreat!

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