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A CHICAGONISTA is someone who lives, loves, and breathes everything Chicago!

Calling yourself a Chicagonista is a testament of a true Chicagoan.

Here in Chicagonista.com, we are joined together with talented and dynamic collaborators from diverse Chicago neighborhoods and backgrounds who share their voice en masse to bring you the buzz on the exclusive latest and greatest spots and events as well as some of the long forgotten faves including:

  • Top Chicago spots to eat, shop, and play for you and your family to enjoy
  • Exclusive deals and coupons for our Chicagonista readers
  • The latest events all across the city
  • Chicagonista views on Chicago’s Art, Style, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Culture

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Our Editorial Crew:

MJ Tam – Editor
Email: mjtam(at)chicagonista.com
Twitter: @mjtam
Instagram: @mjtam

Head Chicagonista, Co-host of The #Chicagonista LIVE! Show, Lead blogger for TheChicagoMoms.com, and Co-Founder ofWomen Driving Excellence.

MJ is also the annual host of SocialRevUp – Brands & Bloggers Summit (#bbsummit) attended by about 200 professional high-profile bloggers nationwide.

Dwana De La Cerna – Assistant Editor
Twitter: @justdwana

Dwana is also the Managing Editor of TheChicagoMoms.com – a site that gives voices to Chicago Mom bloggers. She is a 20 plus year community advocate, and mom to two teens and the dog. A life-long resident of Chicago, she enjoys writing and seeking healthier lifestyle alternatives. Dwana authors “Healthier,Happier, You!

Are you interested in contributing to Chicagonista?

You must be living in Chicago or near the suburban area.  We are looking for contributors that enjoy family living, talking, and sharing great info on Chicago. You must have strong English writing skills and can submit 1 article every 2 weeks. We will support you with ideas and ways of finding topics or info. This is a great way to get involved in knowing more on your community and getting more involved in community projects.

Please contact:
chicagonista(at)gmail.com – Use Subject:Writing Contributor

Submit the following:

  • Name:
  • Email:
  • Phone:
  • Best time to talk on the phone:
  • Location:
  • Chicago Neighborhood/Suburban
  • Our goal is for a diverse group of Chicago writers who love to share about anything about this beautiful city of Chicago.
  • Attach a writing sample, preferably one with similar content as Chicagonista no lesser than 250 words.

Thank You! We look forward to hearing from all of you Chicagonistas!