A must-see sweet Chicago #DonutCrawl with #ChicagonistaLIVE [video]


The #ChicagonistaLIVE girls went on a #DonutCrawl bringing an exclusive look on the hottest and most popular food making a big comeback and creeping up on everyone’s list in Chicago today: Doughnuts! Check out the drool worthy Do-Rite Donuts, Glazed & Infused, and Firecakes Donuts visits. Obviously our work here isn’t done. Doughnut Vault was highly requested by many but missed it since they were closed on a Monday that we were filming. Eventually we will make it there too. So expect a round 2 of the #DonutCrawl.

Our next one is the the #TamaleCrawl! If you want to point us to the right direction then let us know!

This video was aired at the #ChicagonistaLIVE show from the National Restaurant Show at McCormick Place. You can watch and check out the other video segments here or watch the entire show below.

MJ Tam

Head Chicagonista, Co-host of the Chicagonista LIVE! show, Founder of Women Driving Excellence. MJ is also the annual host of SocialRevUp - Brands & Bloggers Summit (#bbsummit) attended by about 200 professional high-profile bloggers nationwide. Follow MJ on Twitter: @mjtam

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