40 Days until the Chicago Marathon

By the time you read this post, we will be less than 40 days away from the Chicago Marathon. It doesn’t seem that long ago when we were 100 days from the race, scheduled for October 10, 2010. Last week, marathon banners appeared on the race course throughout the Loop. Several tweets including ones from Whitney M. and David P. expressed excitement with an accompanying photo. The photo shown in this post is courtesy of Francesco S., who is a Twitter and Dailymile friend running his second marathon this year.

Though I am eagerly anticipating the race on 10-10-10, I am battling fears and possible disappointment. Am I training enough? Am I training too much? Am I eating well? Am I getting enough sleep? Will I finish 26.2 miles in the time for me to qualify for Boston? Will I finish in less than four hours hours? Will I finish at all?

I think it is common to have these questions and concerns but not have immediate answers. Not only have I invested a lot of time, money and energy into training, but I’ve become emotionally involved. I have met several fellow athletes through Twitter and Dailymile who share my zeal for running. I have become closer to friends after logging long runs together. During a 19-mile run last week, I stopped for a few moments to soak in the beautiful weather and surroundings as I ran along the lakefront. I felt truly blessed to be healthy and happy while I ran.

Though I am counting down the days until October 10, I will continue to train smart and trust in my ability. I am enjoying the journey before arriving at the destination. The marathon is a distance to respect and not rush.


Chanthana Tsai is an endurance athlete currently training for local half marathons, 10-mile road races, the San Francisco Half Marathon, and the Chicago Marathon (where she hopes to qualify for the Boston Marathon). Follow her on Twitter @chanthana or provide her motivation on Dailymile

4 thoughts on “40 Days until the Chicago Marathon

  • August 31, 2010 at 5:24 am

    You are SOOO gonna qualify for Boston, Chanthana! And who knows, maybe I’ll make a trip to Boston to cheer you on too! But yeah…I’m starting to freak out too, haha

    • August 31, 2010 at 2:49 pm

      Thanks, Joe!! Maybe you can take photos in Boston?! You’re going to do well on 10-10-10!! Keep up the great work and see you soon 🙂

  • August 31, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    You sound like me … and virtually every marathoner I know. Questioning ourselves and our training is one thing that keeps us pushing on through those tough miles. This is certainly the most difficult time of training, from about 55 days out to 30, when the miles are big and we start to get fatigued … while also realizing the days till race day are passing oh so quickly!

    But guess what … come race day, we’ll all be ready. And you, Chanthana, WILL meet your goals. And when you do, I’m buying you a beer in Boston!

    P.S. So, you did a ‘dry hump’ 19 after all? Tsk, tsk. Ha ha!

    • August 31, 2010 at 6:45 pm

      Haha! Yes, I did ‘dry hump’ 19. I figured I’d save 20 for a special day 😉 Thanks for your continued support and encouragement, Dave. Don’t tell Ken, but you’ve always been my favorite tweep. Shhhhh…


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